Reviews of Wyze Cam Pan V3 weatherproof! Just Published

Looks good!


All great until I saw the “Special L shaped” micro-USB plug :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In my use case I don’t use the standard Wyze power supply or cords/plugs due to my customized setup.

I guess if I do get a Pan-Cam V3 I will have to cut that special L-shaped micro-usb then connect it to my 12 volt to 5 volt regulator and seal with marine grade shrink tubing after soldering. Doable but extra work :thinking:


Why, why, why isn’t this wireless?

It is wireless… It is just not battery powered. And any camera that can do 24/7 recording will never be battery powered because the battery wouldn’t last 24 hours.


Buy it. You know you want it. You could adapt it in your sleep. Take you less time than a cat nap. Pull the trigger. BUY. :wink:


The motor will also deplete the battery in no time…


Building a new house, was planning on getting Wyze Cam v3, but now that Wyze Cam Pan is out, it complicates things.

Seeing that the price is cheaper for Pan v3, it is likely not as powerful as Cam v3; but outside of being able to move, what is the difference?

Hard to say at this point. The question to ask yourself is, do you need a Pan camera?

wonder if it will support RTSP


The review said it is basically a V3 with a Pan and Tilt Added?

My GUESS is that the lower cost is just an introductory cost and it will go up by $20 or more later.


Thanks… Cancelled my order!

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I stand corrected. I wish it was battery powered. Even if the motor would wear down the battery, it would be worth it to be able to remotely scan a site at will.

Glad to help… an educated consumer is a happier consumer. Let us know what you ended up purchasing. I’d like a reliable, minimal cost, RTSP-capable PTZ.


You can try and power it with a portable power pack, but than you have to charge the pack…

Just ordered mine, but already wonder why they didnt use the Pro Version as the base for this.

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They have to have a more expensive version in six months I guess… :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if this will work with the lamp socket?

No it will not work.

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eliminating it’s field of view

C’mon, guys. its, not it's.

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