Cam Pan v4 Ideas

At this time, Wyze does not have any specific plans for a next version Cam Pan (v4). The purpose of this wishlist topic is to collect requested features and ideas, so that if and when a decision is made to develop a next-gen Cam Pan (v4), your ideas are consolidated here for consideration by Wyze.

Please add your requests and ideas in the comments below. Please do not add subjects that are already listed elsewhere in the Wishlist. Requests posted here that are already in the Wishlist will be removed and relocated to the existing topic.

Please note that requests posted here will not necessarily be incorporated into any potential future versions of a Wyze Pan Cam.

Examples of ideas for the next generation Cam Pan:

  • optical zoom
  • 2K or 4K resolution
  • 30 FPS framerate
  • user-selectable 850 nm and 940 nm IR LEDs
  • 1/4-20 base screw mount
  • IP66 weather resistance
  • WPA3 support
  • Matter support
  • “Dome” styling
  • Spotlight
  • Telephoto lens

I would love to see a Solar Powered Pan Cam for outdoor. Its hard to get power to some of them.


2K resolution to the Wyze Cam Pan V3

Please release a Pro (2K) version of the New Wyze Cam Pan V3!

  • Spotlight
  • Compatibility with accessories (Lamp socket; Floodlight; maybe Garage Door Controller–though that one might not be possible if it needs a QR code to stay in the same viewing area and the camera is always panning; etc.)
  • Fish-tail cord with rubber sleeve so we can use 3rd party cords instead of a proprietary connection
  • Cowboy hat accessory (especially since this is the one came that is constantly bucking and moving around)

Some kinda sensor that can detect motion all around the cam would be nice so it can turn to face the motion, and not rely on pan scan


Would be nice to have a PIR sensor, but also the option to use or not use it for detection.



  • Microphones around each side of the stationary base of the cam (the more the better), so it can tell which direction the loudest sound is actually coming from and turn accordingly to try to find the source of that noise even if it originated out of view (so no motion was seen).

Outdoor Wireless Rechargeable Pan Cam

I would love it if you could make an outdoor pan cam that is wireless, rechargeable, and runs off of wifi alone (not requiring a base station). Also if it would take a micro SD like the other cameras so you could go back a few days to see footage if needed. If it could connect to the mount magnetically that would be fantastic! Thanks for your time and consideration!

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Love to have 4K with storage on SD card. The cloud can store lower resolution HD compressed, I can use the Cloud as a guide for events, and then if I need to look at finer detail like a face or license plate, I can look at the SD card storage for full-resolution.


Also want like plain v3, an external pigtail rubber-covered female micro-USB connector. For easy connection of the needed length of USB cables in outdoor usage. The plain v3 will continue as my favorite camera for now.


Consider also:

  • USB-C
  • 5GHz
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Assuming that this is more of a pro type of model that has higher resolution, etc then it might be better to have 5GHz. Also, maybe the possibility of PoE.


Works with cam plus LITE.

Can be mounted upside-down WITHOUT water infiltration


An optional battery pack would be great for future cameras of all kinds, So we can make them wireless


usb-c would be great!

Please provide software update that allows lower compression an higher frame rate for local SD card storage. Image compression edge artifacts are horrific with motion. All other features fall into the dumpster when image quality on playback fails to deliver.

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WiFi and cordless power are mutually contradictory. WiFi is a high-power standard.

I don’t know, my 2 PTZ WiFi cams run for weeks without a problem. Obviously, they are not set to pan constantly and they have much larger batteries than a wyze cam. They also stay connected fairly consistently.

Oh cool! What model?

Oh, come on Paul. Put 5 or 6 random letters together and you got it :rofl: Basically Conico, but they got booted off Amz for buying reviews, so whatever company they’ve turned into. They use the cloud edge app, which serves my purposes for what I need those cams to do.

I think the tech is almost there, but we have to accept larger battery size, along with somewhat better radios, which isn’t happening in a $30 something camera right now. And they both are running on two different, but very stable networks, so they aren’t hunting for sync.

I’m replacing one with a pan cam v3, mostly because the image quality is better and I can jury-rig a power connection to the one location and move the wireless to another location. A test of sorts.

I agree that WiFi isn’t ideal; it would be nice to have a new universal standard for wireless cam communications.

Their outdoor wireless PTZ is $150 at Costco, and it needs a solar panel which limits installation siting, nothing subtle about that. It isn’t a reasonable comparison, and that’s assuming the fake reviews aren’t there because they need to pay for fake reviews.

Replacing the WiFi with a good low-power radio improves range, data stability, and power consumption by orders of magnitude. I’m glad it happens to work for your needs, but it’s a [Mod edit] solution.

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