Next-gen Wyze Cam (v5) Ideas

At this time, Wyze does not have any specific plans for a next-gen Wyze Cam (v5). The purpose of this wishlist topic is to collect requested features and ideas, so that if and when a decision is made to develop a Cam v5, your ideas are consolidated here for consideration by Wyze.

Please add your requests and ideas in the comments below. Please do not add subjects that are already listed elsewhere in the Wishlist. Requests posted here that are already in the Wishlist will be removed and relocated to the existing topic.

Please note that requests posted here will not necessarily be incorporated into any potential future versions of a Wyze Cam.

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As per another thread, feature #1 is an open API including video streaming.


OnVIF support would be great and increase the usability of the cameras.

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I don’t understand why the RTSP is not a priority for the ability to integrate alone.
This would open up sales to users of HomeKit, Smartthings, and Home Assistant for a start.

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Would love a Wyze version of this 360 style camera. Being able to track all locations with one camera and set scenes would be amazing!

Summary: A 360° camera that records all angles around it at the same time and lets you virtually pan around or set preset views.


So it records in all directions at once but you can’t SEE all directions at once? What good is that??

Every example in the video showed the user having to slowly pan around the view, no differently than one would with a traditional 360 degree panning camera. What a lost opportunity.

No one wants the expense or hassle of running 110VAC power to every location they want a camera if they’re designing a “system” for more than 2-3 cameras. For more “systemic” approaches, much smaller wire can be utilized and incorporated into the construction of the home far less expensively and obtrusively than 110 VAC.

Would like to see Wyze offer a power ribbon option that doesn’t have the USB adapter on it for the 5 VDC transformer with the plug. If “bare” wire tips were available for those engineering more comprehensive installations with a centralized 5VDC conditioned power distribution system, then we wouldn’t have to cut off your USB adapter to make a more traditionally elegant low-voltage system.

Here’s a power distribution system designed for an 18 channel CCTV system. It’s how the engineer (i.e. me) will be powering my 17 camera system. Far safer. Far cheaper. Far easier to install.

How does that help? I’m not an electrical engineer. Doesn’t that still go down to around 4V after 30 feet or so with 18 gauge wire? And isn’t that a terrible thing to feed a 5V camera?

You’re correct. Line drop needs to be considered. It’s too complicated to explain to others for a thread like this, but it is a great question. This system, and others like it, allow voltage modulation for longer wire runs. As well as over amp protection.

This is a job for a someone who knows what they’re doing and is installing a more complicated array of cameras. So it’s an option for those who can do so. At a fraction of the cost of 110VAC wiring and space. And it’s more safe.

To give you an example of the math, The voltage drop for 5VDC through 18 ga. wire for 30 feet is only 15% at 2 amps, so it’s more like a final voltage of 4.23 volts at the camera. The device allows one to “dial up” the output voltage to compensate for that where required. Also, to be clear, this is NOT an engineering analysis for anyone’s particular application, so if someone doesn’t get an engineered application: 1. It will probably void your warranty, and 2. I take no responsibility for it working or not working. Each individual application has to be specifically designed. No warranty is expressed or implied. Just trying to offer someone the thought to “get more professional help” if you’re looking on a “designed” system. Great question.

I’m not sure that you’d need a new camera to implement my idea of a power cord with a “bare wire” end on the USB/tranformer side. The V3 could easily be powered with a minor modification to the existing cord. So it’s a bit less “intense” than a major rework.

Please vote for my “bare-wire ends” on the wishlist.

I would like to see the weatherproof micro-usb connection on the rattail right off the camera stay. That’s good for camera replacement. But just eliminate the plug adapter at the end of it. That could be a direct wire splice in a properly regulated low-voltage power system. So it is easily weather-proofable with shrink tube and shoved into the wall/attic/etc.

It would be great if the cameras had a temperature sensor and/or humidity sensor built into the camera so users can know what the temp is.

They already have smoke and CO sensors so it would be ideal to be able to see what the temp is near the camera. Humidity would be a plus.

Alternatively, adding just a port for add-on sensors to be added and the software would pick up and know what sensor was added. Like the SONOFF sensors. Having sensors as add on allows for user to decide what sensor is needed.

If I had a camera watching my fish and wanted to know what temp it was, I’d have a temp sensor in the water linked or plugged into the camera.

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Thanks for posting - this is exactly what I’m looking for too!
We use the Wyze cam in our nursery as a baby monitor and the quality is to much better than our previous cameras and the only thing missing is the temp.

This may not qualify as a legitimate feature request, but just a crazy idea. As wize has intelligence to identify people, which I don’t subscribe to because it costs money, it could also have the ability to identify a squirrel. No, no this isn’t a money-maker. But what if the camera, like the one on my bird feeder, could identify a squirrel, and the speaker then emits a high-frequency sound. Cool?! You’re welcome.

Would it keep them out of my attic too?

High-frequency sound? Are you saying a muk-muk Squirrl mating call?

As Dr Strangelove, “It would not be difficult!”

A mating call, good god man!

Wyze would have to get the detection-to-speaker action part of Rules fixed 1st and maybe this could become a reality.

Protecting the cats and coons with my v3 fox deterrent (6-second sound delay in recording):