Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

At this time, Wyze does not have any specific plans for a next version (V3) Wyze Cam. This wishlist topic is to collect requested features and ideas for the V3 camera, if and when a decision is made to develop it. It is intended that this be a collection of requested features that Wyze has indicated are not possible due to limitations of the current hardware.

Please add your requests and ideas in the comments below. Please do not add subjects that are already listed elsewhere in the Wishlist. (Requests posted here that are already in the Wishlist will be removed and relocated to the existing topic.)

Please note that requests posted here will not necessarily be incorporated into any potential future versions of Wyze Cam.

MOD NOTE: This wishlist topic has been marked as “granted”. That doesn’t mean that every request in this thread has been implemented in the Cam V3. For the next gen camera, see this topic: Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

In WYZE CAM v3, there should be RTSP in the main firmware. I understand why it may not be in v2 due to technical limitations but it would be great for this feature to be in the main build of the Wyze Cam Firmware. Thanks!


Direct connection via Bluetooth or BLE to a video enabled device such as a tablet or phone.


Add a snapshot URL so I can integrate with other devices/zwave controller


Better bitrates if hardware is a limiting factor.


I agree with this. I would to have it in the main FW build.

A Mounting screw hole in the base for a better base setup ( other than magnetic) if needed.


First of all some of these may be in the wishlist or roadmap but I have not found them yet.
A set of lenses designed to be easily “swappable” without having to dismantle the camera.
A true optical zoom lens on a Pan cam.
Capability for larger SD cards.
Ability to run stand alone without calling Wyze and just recording to local net or SD card.
WiFi direct


It’s nice to plan for the future, but let us not forget that the present (V2 & Pan) have quite some issues and problems to be fix and solve. I’m talking about the features/functions that were advertised and on the development roadmap, I understand there’s a hardware limitation, that’s why I’m not asking and expecting all the things on the wishlist. I hope that Wyze will continue to develop the features/functions of the V2 & Pan until its good and stable for production use. I understand that the cost is cheap but if we have to replace them frequently we end up spending a lot too, plus the chances of downtime due to failure and replacing them.


In wyze cam v3, there should be a siren built in that you could just press a button (in the app) to scare away an intruder.


A “button”? How close are you to your cams?

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I have a Ring Floodlight cam with a built in siren and you can activate it from the Ring app. But it is not $20 camera.

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I think he doesn’t mean a physical button on the camera, but instead a button the mobile app.


Yeah, a built-in siren on the camera would bring the cost up. I think I already saw on wishlist a topic suggesting a dedicated siren, could probably part of the Wyze Sense product line, which can be triggered both by cameras and sensors.


The bare minimum cam specs I want is be at least 1080p @30fps or If possible 1080p @60fps also 4k @30fps would be amazing. A Higher bit rate would be great too.


I have several that I’d like to see on new hardware. Some have been mentioned already but I’ll include them here again:

  • 5GHz WiFi support
  • Higher bitrate for 1080p video to provide better detail during motion and allow higher frame rates
  • RTSP built into the main firmware (we were told this is a storage/memory limitation on the v2)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support (built-in or through a supported accessory)
    • Ethernet network connection for reliability
    • PoE for easier power routing to hard-to-reach locations or to replace existing PoE cameras
    • Could be a USB add-on (like the Sense Bridge) that’s essentially a USB-Ethernet adapter, or even direct firmware support for a USB-Ethernet chipset so you can add your own adapter.
  • At least 2 color options, black or white. No need to go crazy with rainbow colors, but a simple choice of dark or light would be nice for those who don’t want to create their own WyzeCam skins.

I meant on the app

Did someone from Wyze officially said this?
So will the RTSP firmware development for V2 and Pan will still continue? because even though they’ve release it on roadmap its still not stable enough for production/real life use.

Yes, I can’t find the reference at the moment but the reason RTSP is on a separate firmware is because of limited resources on the v2. I can’t comment on development/stability of the RTSP firmware because I haven’t used it in a while.

My thought was that on the v2 you have to choose which firmware (RTSP or standard) you want to load. With a v3 my hope would be that all the functions of the RTSP firmware could be integrated into one firmware and toggled on/off through the app instead of reflashing the camera. v2s with standard firmware could continue to have feature parity with the v3, and v2s with RTSP firmware would continue to benefit from ongoing development of the RTSP side.

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Yes I dedicated Syren would be great