Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

May as well kick this off now…

I’ll start with Wireless Power

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  1. Ship within 4 months.

  2. $30 - $60 price point.

  3. 4K video. 2K minimum. (Support lower resolutions of course.)

  4. Local Person Detection.

  5. Built in RTSP and OnVIF.

  6. Wired Ethernet option.

  7. PoE (power over Ethernet) option.

  8. Off-Internet operation maintaining person detection.

  9. SD card support greater than 32 GB.

  10. Simple SFTP or SMB server to allow remote SD downloads.

  11. Home Assistant compatible.

  12. Small built in web server accessible for viewing and control.

  13. Built in spot / flood.

  14. Water resistant.

  15. Optional battery support.

  16. Static IP address option.

  17. Network Attached Storage (NAS) support.

  18. Strong radio, 5 Ghz support, with reliability exhaustively tested.

  19. Resettable remotely via QRC code.


I think we’re done here.


Cool idea @holocron!
Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!:slightly_smiling_face:
Please note: there is no current plan for a V4 camera that has been released by Wyze. This is only an area for brainstorming possible features!


Wow. That’s quite a list! I am definitely voting for this and hope we will see some of these things in the future.


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It that case, like to add:

  • Face detection, identification & recognition (Convolutional Neural Network).
  • Predict age, sex and mood/emotions (happy, fear, confused etc.).
  • Associate recd’ bluetooth device ID (DIP) w/DB of Manuf & product ID, product ver.
  • Access to modify (remote, Unix Syntax) NVRAM Config file: Static IP, NAS IP, NTP IP (or name), Time Zone offset, DST offset, Begin & End (e.g. 2nd Sun Mar), Bootloader (iPXE).

Facail recognition is coming to cam plus soon for all Wyze Cams.

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If they are going to sell a v4 as indoor/outdoor approved, pack and ship with accessories that will not electrify the user.

Even if they sell an upgraded outdoor accessory, the end user buys a a product that says it’s both, they should not kill themselves following direction.

I refer to the fact that I was just informed the v3 shipped with an indoor only power brick…

The WCO or the V3? The WCO wasn’t intended to be charged outdoors…

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Yea no on this thread… V3 hasn’t even been officially out yet… :man_facepalming:

Corrected, I typed WOC while thinking v3…second strike today…
Okay, getting something to eat, I’m ready!

It needs to be edge, they’ve struggled with PD, hope their models are better.

They’re working on something related to edge in the future they said in their AMA. Also person detection is fairlly accurate for me, barley any misses. Just my experience.

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I heard it, I’m reserving judgement…

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Great list but that is asking quite a lot from a $30 - $60 camera. My +100 Nest Camera doesn’t do 3/4 of that without a Nest Aware sub and doesn’t do 1/2 of it WITH a Nest Aware sub, lol.

Good Luck though! If it happens, I’m in for replacing like, every camera I have in/on my home!

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