Meta: Wishful thinking wishlist

I was excited when Wyze cam on the scene with a very low-cost webcam, and a new/small company that seemed nimble and responsive to their user base, and a platform with cloud-integration ripe for rapid innovation.

Lots of features weren’t there - and bells and whistles missing - but no-fear - thing’s will get there.

I’ve been frustrated in that I’ve seen very little movement. I guess I’m into open-source where when people start jumping on the bandwagon, great things happen. With Wyze there aren’t even the APIs which exist to foster that kind of grassroots, community-lead buildup.

I’m left largely with the same camera today as I did when I got it. Same capabilities. Same wishes on the wishlist for “what could be” - even devolving to playing with ESP and Raspberry PI camera [projects] to fill in the voids for stuff I cant do.

So my “wish” for the wishlist - is - to really start tackling the wishlist. And if you don’t or can’t - to at least give others the tools to do so.