Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

Some things to think about:
2) better network troubleshooting tools built-in
3) 5Gbps support
4) more IR lights for greater range
5) further AI features - facial recognition
6) better wifi antenna


Make an outdoor version (sealed) that uses a battery (with optional solar charging). Your nearest competitor would be Blink at $100.


A version that doesn’t required your cloud software and it’s true RTSP so that we may run all traffic on a local area network.

A 360 eye view camera.


It could even be built into the base station for the sensors (v2 sense kit?) idk


One option, with the new Wyze Plugs you could attach a siren that is triggered by a Wyze Cam or Wyze sensor.

  1. RTSP in standard firmware and not mutually exclusive from image/object processing.

  2. Even better/clearer/sharper optics.

  3. Changeable focal lengths or even remote zoom.

  4. Wired Ethernet. wifi bandwidth fills up quickly with RTSP or situations where you trigger several cameras. PoE.

  5. Sharper stills. If you need to read text or determine descriptions of objects or people, the sharper the still the more effective the camera. So not necessarily a higher frame rate but less blur and more resolution and detail in the resulting image.

  6. Teachable person and object recognition with privacy. A problem with all current implementations of this is that, in my layman’s understanding, the owner loses control over the data. This should not be. I would like to be able to teach a camera to recognize my child and not have that learning be used on images which are not mine (friends, general public) or outside of my control (companies, govt.). Once you tag an image and teach it a face in Facebook, you lose control over your digital signature. This should not happen. An ability to locally process images or Zero Knowledge remote processing. Zero Knowledge is a design philosophy where the company (Wyze) could not divulge information even if it wanted or was forced to because the process is designed so that the user holds the keys. The company designed out its ability access user content. User content is not protected by policy but engineering. Remove the “Creepy Factor”.

  7. Automatic cobweb removal. :grinning: Just seeing if you are paying attention.

  8. Ability to train, recognize and provide an API for a variety of sounds, especially user identified sounds.

  9. When cameras/sensors are cheap enough things like: Can I point one at the dog bowl and have it determine when it is empty and send me a text message. Empty could be determined by color or if the dish is silver (empty) or brown (full).

  10. A local Wyze hub/processor which would take Wyze sensor information, especially images and sound, and locally Neural Net or otherwise processes them for identification. Something with a lot of memory/processor/TPU/GPU/storage so this level of processing does not have to be built into each device but can be taught by the user and processed locally with the user retaining privacy (Zero Knowledge). The camera can move beyond surveillance to intelligent sensor.

  11. API so the user can trigger complex actions based upon camera output. Whatever makes the decisions needs to be able to handle AND, OR, schedules, etc.

  12. Continue to keep processing and control local. It is kind of embarrassing when the Smart House does not work when the internet is down.

  13. Large SD cards.

  14. Wyze Sense mesh/repeating ability.


So back to the original web cam of 1991?


:pensive: I hope they continue to develop the RTSP firmware for the V2, because I’m not planning and don’t have budget to replace my cameras soon and my plan for upgrade is the RTSP firmware to break the 32GB micro SD card limit and store all my recordings on NVR or NAS.

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Which features and functions were advertised that haven’t been delivered? The development roadmap is also largely user requested features which may or may not ever get picked up even with high votes.

With the Wyze plugs this may be just as simple, and might be possible with the current V2 speakers.


Agreed; you have good points. I hope they also implement these on the V2 and Pan development.

Sorry if I sounded like that, but I did not mean Wyze haven’t delivered, they do and I appreciate and thank them for that. I just hope the development continues until those features and functions are stable for production use. This is what convinced me of Wyze products, knowing that they are continually developing their product with the help of their customer community gives the assurance that we will have better use of their product.

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Features I would like for V3.

  • Have the bridge built into the camera (and bulbs too) for Wyze Sense
  • Have PIR detection built into camera with electronically adjustable detection area.
  • Ability to have different sensitivities for night and day.
  • Ability to recognize animals (cat, dog, rodent, etc) and specific people.

Apple HomeKit support including secure video.

On a separate thread, Wyze indicated that HomeKit would not be feasible on the current hardware.

  • Mounting holes (threaded, also a separate one for mounting on a nail / screw)
  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect for onboarding
  • Wi-Fi Aware for p2p video connection (Wi-Fi Direct is being phased out in the market)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy to assist with Wi-Fi Easy Connect and also to provide low power diagnostics access
  • External antenna connector (RP-SMA or MMCX or IPEX / U.FL)

But if all these features drives the price to $40, keep making the v2 because the $20 price point is really attractive.


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  1. Google cast to a TV
  2. Split screen so I can view two/four cameras on tablet or Google Cast
  3. 4K is over-rated but I would like a clearer picture when the Wyze Cam Pan is zoomed all the way in. So either 4K with electronic zoom (see less of the picture) or optical zoom on 1080.
  4. I have two Cams aimed at bird waterers and one Pan on a bird feeding area. I would like the video quality high enough so I can record the birds antics and up load it to Youtube in 1080p.

Ethernet with Poe in addition to micro USB support. Would make replacing several older cameras easier and avoid slower wireless connections from outside house. May even help with rtsp process??


AAA battery powered & weather proof