5 Minute Cooldown Alternatives

how about an option to get alerts when the camera is triggered, but instead of the 12 second clips, it takes 3 pictures, one second apart from each other ( that would capture a bit of the motion and give you an idea of whats going on similar to the thumbnails now) and those pictures show up where the clips normally would now, in the events tab. you can look at the pictures and if it warrants further investigation, click a link that would then take you to that recording time on the SD card.

this would get rid of the 5 second cool down limitations, give the people who want it, the pictures that have been requested, and clicking them would give you an option to go to that part on the sd card…so you still see the video and it would be simple to navigate to.

or just the ability to get rid of the 12 second clips, get notification alerts on ALL detections without cool down. by clicking the notification it could take you to that area of recording on the sd card and boom, you can see what happens. this would save the servers and people could get all alerts. if person detection would scan sd card recordings instead of clips, that would be awesome too.

win win win.

  1. reduce storage days to 7
  2. After 12 second video record just take a FULL HD PIC very 10 seconds during 5 minute COOL DOWN

I like this concept. Allow shorter cooldown in exchange for shorter storage duration, so that total storage size remains the same. Ideally, the user could choose several options, such as:
14 days storage → 5 minute cooldown
7 days storage → 2.5 minute cooldown
3 days storage → 1 minute cooldown


I don’t understand why there is a 5 minute cool down and 12 second max limit when you store locally. Let me store 100% on my own card, store nothing in the cloud, only send me alert to see video stream (live or recorded) from storage on my device. Is there a technical reason this wouldn’t work?

When you connect to your camera and see a live stream, it goes through the discovery, encryption and connection (steps 1, 2 and 3).

If the video came from the camera instead of the cloud, it would have to do all that every time you wanted to look at a motion or sound event.

If you use the SD card you can record continuous 24/7 or you can record every motion event for the entire time there is motion without a 5-minute cool down, the coll down is only on the cloud events.

Would love to hear how to do that. I have local storage on with a 32 gig card set to record events only. I have event settings to detect motion all day. I still get 12 second clips 5 minutes apart.

Ah I figured it out. If you want to see the longer events, you don’t go to events as you would expect. You go to the camera, press playback then scroll the timeline to find the full recordings. This makes me much much happier.


I would sacrifice some of the 14-day cloud event storage in return for a shorter cool down period. For example, 2-minute cooldown coupled to 6 days event storage. Please consider making this a configuration option, OR…

a. Save “markers” on the SD card to point to higher-frequency event clips
b. Offer shorter cooldown with subscription for extra cloud storage.

Thank you.

I feel like this would be a good feature to lessen the notifications that we receive. I like how it is on the outdoor cameras, it would be awesome if it could also be on the pan and cam V2

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