Push notifications cooling off even with SD card?

Are the push notifications to my phone subject to the 5 minute cooling off period even if I have an SD card installe too? I get a notification on the first movement but I wait a minute and initiate movement again but get no notification to my phone. I can still view movement in the app SD card section but I can’t get another notification for 5 minutes too?

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You Don’t get Notifications For your SD card at all , Only for your 12 second event clips

Thanks. :frowning:

you can get “around” the 5 minute cool down period of the camera by using the Wyze motion sensor. the clear time on that sensor is 1 minute and thus you’ll cut down the cool down to 1/5 of the standard 5 minute cooldown.

a big thanks to @Loki for that VERY VERY useful bit of information I had overlooked.

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Is there an explanation of how to do this somewhere?

not really but I’ll see is I can clearlylay it out. my way of thinking/ explanation is sometimes a bit odd lol

if you already have the motion sensor, put it where you would like it to detect motion, if you are linking it to a cam so that it triggers the camera then put it where the motion sensor detection area would be within the cameras field of view or vise versa . by doing this, you can effectively replace the camera pixel detection method with the motion sensors ability that will trigger the camera to record. link the sensor to trigger that camera and when the sensor detects something you will get the “smart alert” notification ( the camera will also be triggered to record) and after one minute of no longer detecting anything the sensor clears and its ready to alert on a new detection and also trigger a new recording.

because the sensor alerts are not sent to the cloud like the regular events are its bypassing the 5 minute cool down limit enforced by the could and basically working locally as both an alert device and trigger to start the camera recording.

Got it. Thank you!

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Your explanation is crystal clear. Lol. Thanks!

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The only downside is you won’t get push notification because it has to go to the cloud and then a notification comes out. Straight to the camera doesn’t produce a notification. :frowning:

Just a thought, but you might be able to get a work around for the notification issue using IFTTT, if sensor detects motion then send notification

Thanks for the idea. I’ll check on it.

Let me know if it works

@WyzeJasonJ and @Monkeyjo

about the push notification. it goes to the cloud, but the 1 minute reset time is still awesome as you do get a push notification for the sensors for new motion after 1 minute. the push notifications for the sensors work differently and are only subject to the 1 minute cooldown/ clear. no need for IFTTT

the 5 minute cooldown is only for event recording clips. the sensor notification work differently and after that first clip the sensors trigger the camera to record, but its directly to the sd card, so no event clip, but you still get push notifications.

So you’re saying that the motion sensor will record for 1 minute when tripped/send notification/immediately trip again/send notification after 1 minute and so on as long as activity continues? Because it’s signaling the cam to record to the SD card and not the cloud but it’ll still send a notification? If any of that makes sense. Lol .

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yes. precisely. I mounted a sensor outside the other day one a pivotal bracket I made like this one.

because of the ease of aiming I have with this and the fact that you can only estimate what its field of vision is my work around is to turn the motion detected, sensor cleared push notifications on. then walk around ( back and forth and again and again…) getting closer until it triggers to figure out where it will actually sense me and thus where its “vision” is. if I had to wait 5 minutes for it to alert again I would LOSE MY MIND :exploding_head:

so when it detects motion you get a push alert, when it no longer detects motion for a full minute, the sensor is clear and is ready to alert again. if it detects motion within that original minute it just states motion in progress or something to that effect.

the first time it triggers, you will get a smart alert and an event clip ( with the sd card recording as well)
after a minute of clear time without any motion, it will reset. if it detects motion at a minute and a half, it will send an alert and the camera will only record to the sd card and no 12 second clip because that is still in the 5 minute cooldown.


Thank you!

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Your explanation was great thank you

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glad I can help. ( I’m quite surprised and happy people were able to understand my diatribe) :nerd_face: