Event notifications via email when SD card is used? - no 5min cooldown then


I just purchased 2 Wyze v2 cams, and really love them…everything except how event notifications are sent.

I don’t appear to be alone in this, and wanted to confirm a few things and/or ask a question that has probably already been answered somewhere.

I am using an SD card, with continuous recording.

My understanding is that there are 3 separate “events” that can be triggered.

  1. Person Motion
  2. Motion
  3. Sound

So within a 5min window, you should be able to have 3 of those event notifications sent, but then a cooldown period is enforced where NO notifications are sent.

This is the sticking point for me and it appears many other users, as pointed out previously anything could trigger a false positive, and then you have no way of knowing what happens during that 5min blackout period unless you constantly scrub the SD video.

I see that the concern from Wyze is cost associated with AWS increased event notifications. Is there no other way to trigger a text or email notification to the user? Is this something that is being considered at all? This is really the only thing that is missing from Wyze that would truly make this a remarkable cam system.

I’m not sure if only recording event notifications to the SD card would be a better option, as you still have the same issue of not receiving notifications within the 5min cool down window.

Anyways, sorry if this is a repost and thanks for your help in advance.


Hey there,

When an event is triggered, there is a 5-minute cooldown until another event can be triggered. At this moment, you are not able to get email notifications when SD storage is used, but you can do this with IFTTT with motion/sound/sense triggers.


so, yes there is an option for paid subscription services with Wyze that would change the cool down periods be contemplated but not close to implementation I believe. I cant give you any more information because it has no been released. but there is a way to lower the cool down to 1 minute vs 5 if you use the Wyze sense kit. for example the motion sensor only has a 1 minute reset period so you can get a new notification after it does not detect motion for 1 minute. but the downside is that currently the person detection does not work with the sense kit clips ( smart video alerts) so you would be giving that up. so currently there are sacrifices but there are a couple ways to shorten that cool down.

Thank you for the replies. I guess at this time without the sensors I’ll cross my fingers that perhaps this is something for a future update to address.