Getting past the cool down period

as i understand it, if i disable notifications on my cam, and buy yet another piece of hardware (the wyze motion sensor), this is what can happen:

sensor detects motion
sensor triggers cam to record an event
notification is sent with no 5-minute cool down

my question is: at what point does the notification get sent? or do i still get a notification after
the ups guy has dropped off the package, gone back to his truck, and is driving away?

you will get the notification very quick as it wont have to wait for the 12 second recording first like the cam does. it just sends notification itself, and 1 minute after it stops detecting motion it clears and is ready for the next alert. so effectively you have turned the 5 min cool down into a 1 minute cool down. AND if you want you can still keep the motion on your camera on if you would like. for instance, I use the motion on the cam to detect things further away but if I get the alert from the sensor, I know for the area I have it set on, it was triggered by something within 15 foot of the sensor. so I effectively have 2 notification types for the camera it is connected to.

the downside to the sensor ( for now) is that it does not work with person detection. you didn’t mention if you use that in your post.