Use "smart video" to bypass 5 minute cooldown

I see a lot of people complaining about or offering to pay a subscription fee to wyze to to get around the the 5 minute cool down time for camera alerts.

I have found that using a wyze sence motion sensor to trigger a smart video does this. The motion sensor can trigger a “smart video” recording every minute, and they are all uploaded to the cloud.


you are correct sir. the only downside to this is that person detection does not currently work with the smart video alerts from the sensors. if they got those two implemented together i see a lot of issues being solved :slight_smile:


This doesn’t seem to work anymore :frowning: Maybe my settings are wrong, not sure.

I’ve bought a motion sensor for the garage for this purpose but triggering a smart video seems to be bound to the same cool down time now which defeats the purpose for me having the cam in the garage. It takes longer than 12 seconds to open the garage door by the time you’d be able to see who opened it the cam stopped recording.

I haven’t seen any issues. I still get my alerts with the one minute increment for the sensors to clear. what are your settings? as long as alerts for the sensor are on and its linked to a camera it should work just fine.

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Basically all i have is the garage cam linked to the sensor by going into the sensor settings and selecting sensor videos.

Are you not getting videos or alerts when the sensor is tripped?

Videos. Notification are coming from the camera, notifications from the sensor are turned off.

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I think what’s tripping you up is you may have constant motion. As Bam indicated, the motion sensor has to clear before it can trip again and command the cam to take more video. And then it’s only in 12-second samples once every minute.

If you are at your device when you receive the alert you can switch to the camera’s live feed.

If you later see the alert and have a SD card installed, and the SD card is set to continuous record mode, then you should be able to go to the time of the alert in playback mode to see everything that occurred.

Alternately, if your SD card is in Events-only mode, you should be able to do the same thing; only the camera will record motion in 1 minute increments until it ends, with no clear required.

So with continuous motion, a SD card is your best bet. A motion sensor can command a camera to do the standard 12-second alert once every minute if it’s allowed to clear. But using that method, the sensor has to clear.

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I see. I guess that makes sense then. If the garage opens up and there is motion for a few minutes it will only act and record on motion detection for the 1st time (12 sec) till the motion clears. If motion happens again after clearing within say a minute it will trigger again, correct? Thereby bypassing the 5 minute cool down.

I will definitely go the SD card route as well, The search timeline search does seem a bit awkward not having the option to fast forward, dragging doesn’t seem to work right depending how you release your finger after the drag.

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My garage cam is not set with any sensors and I’m still getting Smart Videos (when there’s nothing going on in there :frowning: ) Now I have a sensor on the door, but in the settings for that sensor / sensor videos, the Garage is NOT checked. I’m tired of getting these Smart Videos!