5 minute cool off

Am I missing something, or would it be a feature request to avoid the 5 minute cool off when motion has been triggered? Is there a setting that can be changed, or is this a default setting of the camera?

The five minute cool down is something that’s necessary in order to be able to provide the cloud storage for free. There has been consideration of offering paid subscription based cloud storage to reduce or alleviate the timeout, but no word on when or if that may be implemented.

You’re not missing something. The 5-minute motion trigger cool down is a default, non user-configurable setting. It’s necessary to prevent continuous uploading of video in case the camera isn’t configured correctly or is placed somewhere with constant motion.

If you must be alerted to every bit of motion you may need to look at a camera that supports that feature, or use the Tinycam Pro app to monitor your Wyze Cam and send you alerts. It’s not a perfect solution but it works for my purposes.

Thank you! I was just curious as I also have a Ring Doorbell, with no paid subscription (7 day rolling cloud storage for free) that does not have the cool off time. Thank you for the responses and Tinycam Pro suggestion.