Wyze Cam Pan v3 extension cable

this camera is meant to be on ceiling or outdoors. the connection at the back is proprietary and so apparently is the cable power specs.

can you please offer an extension cable (20 ft,30 ft etc?)

Mod Note: This request has been satisfied by the extension cable and Pan v3 replacement cable that are now available.

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Or maybe just a pigtail extension/adapter Micro USB to USB A.


Wyze branded USB extension cords for the cameras would be smart! We’ve gotten lucky that companies were quick to produce 25" cords that really made the V3 cameras appealing due to them being cheap and readily availability.

Would definitely try to bring expansion kits such as cords / mounts to the market so that when a new camera that won’t work with such aftermarket cam accessories doesn’t get stuck in the space of no aftermarket support, but also no factory support for usability.


Seconding the need for a pigtail!

I have an outlet 12-15 feet from my Wyze v3.

With the non-pan version, very easy to plug the power wart into the covered outlet and then just run a longer USB-A to Micro-USB cable purchased off Amazon.

With the new v3 Pan, this right-angle entry really makes it impossible. Support also seems unaware of the issue. The should have done just like the v3 with it’s exposed connector.

A short pigtail adapter to give a rubber-covered female micro-USB same as v3, would fix everything.

Hoping for a fix!


by the way I have the pan scan v2 already mounted ie cables are there…so 1) adaptor 2)would those cables be comaptible? (normal usb cable about 30ft)

completely agree. Also Im surprised the v3 Pro did not have the pigtail.


I wish the cameras didn’t have the ability to be unplugged from the camera/pigtail outside of the home.

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Wholeheartedly agree with this request. Its crazy to me that something like this, meant to be mounted on a wall, only has a 6 foot cable with a proprietary connector.


I prefer a pigtail with their degree proprietary connector to a female micro usb and a sleeve cover (provides weather protection that came with the non pan V3 cameras) over the female micro usb mating to the male micro usb extension cable. This way an adapter is not required and this configuration can allow a direct replacement of a non pan V3 cameras that has a pigtail micro usb.


Longer USB cords for Wyze Pan Cam v3

I recently purchased the New Wyze V3 Pan Cam. This is just what I was looking for to replace my v3 Cam. However I can’t use it because the length of usb is too short for the location I need to place it. I was able to buy a 25 foot cord for my V3 but because the shape of the new Pan Cam usb and how it mounts won’t allow me to use the existing usb cord. It would be nice if you guys would make accessories like a longer usb cable accessible when you launch the new products so that people who purchase them can use them right away.



Better yet, why did they have to use a proprietary cable? I use POE to power my cams and this prevents me from doing so. If I can’t find an adapter, the cameras are going back.

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Just tried to install mine and I’m furious. You must have a right angle cord to mount this as intended and I have 6 20ft cords I thought would work for outdoor use.

I ended up measuring where the hole is on the bottom of the camera and dremmeling out the plastic mounting bracket so a straight cord will work. It works but I shouldn’t have to modify a product to use it.

Wyze needs to say very specifically it will only work out of the box with a right angle cable.

I don’t know many people who want these outdoors where a outlet is only 6 ft away

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I fully understand and empathize with you. I had the same issues installing 4 PanV3 as replacements to V3 that already had 20ft microUSB replacement cords fished thru the attic and soffits. I purchased these adapters to connect to the new proprietary right angle cords which are long enough to maintain the adapter inside the attic space.

The new proprietary right angle cords are specifically designed with a sealing weather boot. If you use a straight plug outdoors, it will not be weather resistant and could lead to a moisture damaged cam quickly. Especially if it is mounted upside down. It is not covered under warranty if the original cord is not used.

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The same adapter should work with your POE adapter (male microUSB) and the cord that came with the cam (male USB-A)

For those hoping for this, Wyze announced some good news in their AMA today:

So it sounds like something is coming soon! They didn’t say any other details though, just that it is long and an extension cable just as was asked for here and they used the word soon. I just wanted to pass on the good news for those following this thread.


Thanks, I did see those adapters on amazon. I still feel the mounting and power cable aren’t the best design, and the bracket only mounts on a vertical surface

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I appreciate the link. I’ll order some and swap them out as parts arrive. Thank you!

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You are certainly not alone in that perspective! Additionally, the mount has to be used so that the mounting screws are blocked by the cam. The bracket can’t be used upright with the L on the bottom and the cam mounted upside down underneath. If you do that the cam screw won’t fit properly. It really is a just a one trick pony.

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The cable for this product is too short and not sufficiently stiff to easily pass through a hole drilled through a wall. Worse, the “L” shape means you have to drill a large diameter hole in order to pass it through! The cord that came with my Amazon Cloudcam (now a defunct system, which is why I bought this Wyze outdoor camera) was round, and fairly stiff making it easy to pass through the opening and it was far longer than this cord. Wyze needs to change the cord IMO

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Does passing the Type A connector thru the wall give you a smaller hole target?

You can make it stiffer by wrapping it to a coat hanger.