Pan V3 Replacement Power cable

Are there any V3 power cables yet, or pigtails?
I have 4 of them, and so far, I have had 2 cables fail. The camera stops working. I thought it was a camera being bricked issue, but now that I have swapped out cables from the other 2 to the ones that DO work they come back to life.

The 90° male microUSB to female microUSB pigtail is available. However the only purchase option is to purchase it packaged with the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter V2.

If you have cords fail, contact Wyze Customer Support and specifically request a Warranty Replacement, RMA, and Return Shipping Label for a defective product.

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You should really consider having replacement parts available when you require a proprietary connector on something like a power cable that could be lost, damaged fairly easily.

Since this is a user to user forum in a standard discussion thread, there won’t be Wyze eyes on this.

However, Wishlist requests are viewed by the Wyze team. To get them to take action, that is the place to post.

Here is the Wishlist topic that was already started for this request: