Wyze Pan v3 Power Cord Failed

My Pan v3 stopped working and it appears to be an issue with the power cable and not the camera. It will work normally with any other USB cable that I use. The problem is you can’t mount it without the angled plug on the USB cable. Wyze chat support has told me that I can’t get just the cable, my only option is to replace the camera which is a crappy response. Has anyone else had this option and found a 3rd party USB cable with an angled connector that will work as a replacement?


If you’re in the market for an outdoor power supply also, the power adapter V2 has the little pigtail with the 90° angle on the end for the pan cam V3. Make sure to get the power adapter V2, as the power adapter V1 does not include the pigtail.

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Thanks for that info, that would at least let me keep using this camera instead of just replacing it. I wish they just sold that adapter b/c I already have an outdoor power adapter I could use with this camera and the Outdoor v2 is apparently sold out…


Happened to me too. I cut off the USB-C connector, and took a good working generic USB cable, and cut it in half, and wired that to the custom camera cable. It works now!

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I hope you can find a solution that works for you. I have spliced USB before. It is only two strand wire. The only issue is if the problem with the original power cord is in the microUSB plug or between the plug and the splice.

I prefer to have Wyze replace the whole package, lock, stock and barrel. If Wyze gets enough replacement cams for faulty cords that they could have spent a couple of bucks to replace, they may consider stocking these for warranty replacement at a minimum if not for individual sale also. Even sending the pigtail with a V3 cord as a replacement would be less expense than replacing the entire cam.

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I have been contacting support on and off since january about the non pigtail issue.

Then i found the amazon page that had the power adapter with the v3 pigtail. And asked wyze help why it is so hard for the sales team to include it with the camera or sell just the pigtail by it self since they obviously already have it made.

Apparently the power adapter with the pigtail is out of stock.

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Please note that several items have been added to the Wyze Store that some of you have been asking for. Most are high-demand so expect out of stock, restock, repeat scenarios:

Wyze Cam Pan v3 USB Cable
Wyze L-Shaped Micro USB Adapter (short pigtail adapter)

Wyze Replacement Parts


That’s awesome! Thanks for posting those links.


If they would add V3 Lens assemblies that would be great, have several V3’s that the lenses sucked water.

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