Wyzecam V3 power cord issue

The “hardwired” usb connection on the V3 was probably chosen so that a more weatherproof connection can be made a short distance from the camera internals. That’s fine, but the flexible protector should really be shipped pushed back, because t really screws up trying to plug in the extension cable - all floppy and squishy as it is.

In my case, it wrecked the contacts on the female end (well, I assume it did - may have come that way) which is hard-wired so rendering the camera useless. No power connection.

I salvaged it by cutting off both connectors and hard wiring it (pink to clear and white to gray - only two wires in the power cable) but many users would be stuck. All due to a design quirk (like the way Pancams walk off the shelf if you enable tracking)

Just posting in case others need to get out the wire strippers…

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It’s advertised as “outdoor” camera. That’s why the connector is there. How else can you protect the junction for a cheap consumer item? Making it more complicated will raise the price.

I think you forced it the wrong way in, that’s why it broke.

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Yeah. This is not my first rodeo or Wyze cam. As noted, I see why, just wish they had the boot pulled back (I thought it was moored on). And of course I checked the orientation, despite them making it difficult. Wyze just always send to skip the details. But hey, for the price, buy three and get two that work

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I have 12 V3 cameras - some of which have been plugged in and out many times (both with Wyze supplied cables and with others). Never had a problem. I did not realize that the boot was removable until you mentioned it.
I rather suspect that if the boot was shipped pulled back, almost no one would use it (because they did not realize that it should be moved over the connector). And then they would bitch because the connector got wet and failed.
Be a little careful putting it in and it is fine.

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It’s very easy to make a mistake with the plug orientation, once you lose sight of the cable ends. Several times I thought I had the orientation correct, it wouldn’t go in. Then when I double checked, the orientation was really wrong.

The trick is not to force and to stop when it won’t go, and recheck.

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My power cord quit working too.

Can you help with hard wiring?

I cut the cord to the v3. It has a pink, white, green, and gray wire.

My Wyze cable I cut also and it has a clear wire and a light brown (or orange wire).

Any help with wiring these 6 wires would help. I have tried but nothing working. I did pink (on camera) to clear (on power cord) and white (on the camera) to the light brown (on the power cord).

What do I do with the third (green) and fourth (gray) wires on the camera.

Thanks so much

Hi - I’m not near the camera I hardwired right now, but if you have access to a multimeter to check voltage you would be able to check and determine which is which. You only need the two power wires, which on USB standard are the outside two wires. Since they line up with the connector on the camera side, that will also be the two outside. Wyze seems not to have used the standard colors, but I am guessing pink is + and gray is -

Any USB cable will work to power the camera, so we know it is a standard “pinout” - just odd colors

Hope that helps

BTW, I only had to cut my cable because the socket on the hardwired camera end was defective. So try another regular USB-A to micro USB cable first if it is just the plugin cable

Ok. Thanks. The two outside wires on the camera wire are pink and grey.

So I only need to wire the pink to clear of the usb cable and the grey to the other wire (orange in my case)?

I tried that but struck out?

That is why I wondering if the two middle wires on the Wyze cam (white and green) were for something else

If it have a tester, any help on how to check for voltage.

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance.


Never mind. I switched the wiring. For me it was grey on camera to clear on usb cable and pink on camera to orange on usb cable.

Thanks so much.

Did you wire nut your connections or use other fittings.

Thanks again. Really appreciate your help

You’re welcome. I just twisted them together as I am using the camera in an inside but out of the way area. If I was ambitious, I’d solder and heatshrink the connections.

Thank you, your advice gave me the courage to fix my V3 with a bad female plug. I spliced the cords and tried my wires till it turned on again. I put some electric tape on it and put it back up it saved me around 40 bucks.

Hoping someone still sees this, ans not sure if anyone is acually doing any wiring on the interior casing part of camera, but i am, trying to at least. I had someonw ripp my camera down and totally destroyed the whole power cord that goes inside the case of camera. The wiring was pulled out from the inside connector. The white green pink and grey wires all sort of dangeling, the female part on the board is fine, but the male part,im aure theres actually names for these connectors,but im not sure at this point what the names are. Think just like P4, and wtc tiny mm, it is, but has anyone done this? Im seeing all sorts of info just about the usb wiring, which is sort of what im dealing with, but on the interior of camera board. I just dont want to have to buy another camera, well i actually cant,but i can solder and i enjoy micro electronics so figures this would be a fun project for me. And ive got it almost all figured out except ide like to know what anyone elses experience with this area has been like for them. So far what i think my solution is, to buy the pin connector and reconnect the 4 wires into the female pin plug. And follow all the other info ive founs as to which wire goes to which pin. Ive done some massive research on this and have found a couple good diagrams of the interior wiring, and pretty confident i know where each wire goes. Ive thought about just soldering the wires straight to the male connector on the board, but guessing there might be some reason why they build it with the ability to disconnect the power connectors on inside of camera, idk.

Here is a TearDown video on the v3. It may be helpful reconnecting your wires.

Thank you