Wyze Cam Independent Power

Hey guys, has anyone figured out how to get a independent power source for the Wyze Cam so I don’t have to be tethered with the white cable? I am trying to do a corner mount and having a cable dangling down below and then have to stretch to a power source is a bit of a pain…yes, I know I sound ridiculous, but i like clean lines! haha

You can use most any microUSB cable with an oval end. (The ones with rectangular ends don’t usually fit into the recess of the camera’s microUSB port.) These from monoprice work well and come in a variety of colors:


So get a cable of appropriate length and color to best match your situation.

Other than that, you can power it off a USB battery power bank, but you would have to put that somewhere and recharge it frequently.


Just purchased a couple of these : https://www.wish.com/m/c/5a0929877482a32fe26cd79c


@rickO your pretty good at this… how many hours do you think I will get out of one of these puppies? They are rechargeable which was the selling point

Does anyone have a suggestion for converting a 12v power source (for a regular dvr security cam) to 5v usb for the Wycecam? I’d like to use the power plug that is already in place (for a security camera) and swap the WyzeCam for the security cam.

This should be possible I just can’t find the appropriate conversion hardware.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!

@urar1004@gmail.com , What sites have you looked on? I would suggest Wish…