thinking I can use cellphone re-charger packs to power my cam. anyone tried this

I don’t want a power cable 20ft for where I want to use the camera. I am thinking that maybe a portable charger may powers my WYZECAM for at least 8 hours. Has anyone else tried this? If so how much time before the battery pack died and which one did you use?

The forum has some discussions on using power packs, just search “power pack” or something like that. I own a 42 unit self storage facility and someone occasionally cuts a lock, I would love to catch that person. I have a couple Wyze cams covering the facility at a distance but to get a closer look I’ve been thinking about using a car battery connected to a cigarette lighter socket in the one unit I keep for myself. I don’t have power at the facility. I would have to use a 32 gb chip since the 5 minute delay makes the 12 second events not very suitable for a security camera in my case. I would get a shot of someone pulling up in a car or walking up but it is the bolt cutters I want a recording of and that would be a minute or two later. Recording to the chip I would record everything but recording to a chip would drain one of those cell phone chargers pretty quick I would think.