Using Wyze Cam with USB Power pack, due to construction theft (no electricity)

Hello- we are building a house. Wednesday thieves came in an stripped all of the copper and cut every CAT5/6 off AT THE HOME RUN and pulled them out. The house has to completely be rewired.

How much electricity does one of the small Wyze cams draw when it’s not running full time video (ie: set up motion trigger between the late night hours)? I can get one of the 32,000+mAh external / USB battery packs. Also, it’s 6Amp output. My (future) next door neighbors will let me use their Wifi so I can access the cam and get notifications.

There is no electricity there and wont be until after sheet rock.


I looked up the SPECS… but of course it doesn’t talk about consumption, + minimum elec requirements (well, at least I dont understand how to calculate them:)

Ports 1 Type-A USB, 1 micro USB
Power Adapter Input 110-240V (AC/DC)
Power Adapter Output 5V/1000mA

Search this forum, there have been reports of people powering their Wyze cams with portable cell phone battery packs. I tried a 20mAh battery and camera seemed to work fine.

Awesome! yea there are some great threads already in there… just didn’t know how to search. Thanks found them!

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Just for reference or anyone else reading this thread, here is the Support article that discusses power consumption and runtime from a USB battery pack:


Thank you for taking the time to share that. I have a 22,000mAh external power pack. I’m probably going to go to the house (under construction) each morning, unplug the external pack… charge it during the day… and then put it back in the evening. Kind of a pain… but we’re only about 3-4 days away from Sheetrock, real lockable front / rear doors. Cheers

Get another power pack. Charging time might not be enough to get a full charge.

I was reading that the 22k should last 25-33 hours? I just went to Best Buy and the Blink ($99) has the long life battery… but no SD card… so I’m on a limb now. Use the Wyze… and I’ll be swapping and charging, but have SD card… B) Blink… put it up high where noone can get it (without 20 ft ladder)… hmm… might have just answered my own question.

A V2 camera draws about 310 mA in Day mode, and 430 mA in Night mode with the IR LEDs turned on.

Your 22,000 mAh power pack will get you around 70 hours of runtime without the LEDs. Around 50 hours of nighttime runtime (and presumably you’ll want the LEDs on to catch the midnight marauders).

I have used 20K maH battery packs to power the Wyze camera and have gotten a couple of days of recording. I do not have the exact length of time, sorry.

if you are thinking about buying a blink for this situation it is probably your best bet, you can still use it after.
You won’t have to worry about charging something up
I have a few blink’s
With blink you can set your trigger time ( cool down time ) of motion events , from 10 seconds up to 60 seconds.
You can set the clip length of motion events , from 5 seconds to 60 seconds you can catch a lot of what is going on in just 30 seconds

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