WYZE Cam V3 - USB extension issue

Hi, posting from the UK here :slightly_smiling_face:

Just set up one of two V3 cams I have brought, working fine using standard USB lead as supplied in the box.

Need to extend the length to allow outdoor set up etc. Just tried a USB Shielded High Speed 2.0 cable ( approx 9 feet long) . Now getting an error message along the lines of " image unstable switch to 360p" or words to that effect.

Do I need an alternative cable type? Thanks in advance.

NB: the extension will be wholly inside the house/ garage. Also would appreciate any advice being in plain English if possible i.e. not too technical please :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forums! Are you using the supplied 5v1a power brick for each camera? my gut feeling tells me that you’re having more of a connection issue between the camera and your Wi-Fi source then say a power issue. For troubleshooting leave the camera plugged into that same cord and power brick but move it a lot closer to your Wi-Fi source and see if you still get that same error message. If you do get that same message for troubleshooting switch back to the supplied cord to see if the problem persists or it is fixed now. What is in between your Wi-Fi source and the camera location that you had it in where you got those error messages?

Edit/. Just staying out loud as a reminder that the included power brick is not outdoor rated. From the sounds of a you’re going to snake the power cord to the camera which would be outside, is this correct?


Hello and thanks for the welcome.

I am using a UK 3 pin plug 1 Amp supply/ adapter as provided by the retail here in sunny England,

The cameras are to go on the walls of a garage detached but adjacent to the house. I have tried the camera in the actual location(s) where I need it to go on two separate side garages walls. Used a mains extension cable as a means of testing out the placement positions. Cameras worked fine using this temporary method. So I believe the WiFi signal strength etc is ok. Power supply will actually come from the mains supply in the garage. Factory supplied cable will run straight thru the outside wall into the garage.

I either need a suitable extension ( which will be inside) to the factory supplied cable or perhaps a separate new cable of a longer length.

NB: in case it was not clear from my original post, I was using a Male/Female USB extension cable attached to the factory supplied original and then going to the power supply/adapter. Tried this in the house only and as it had issues I did not try it in situ outside.

IF you anticipate doing this more you might want to get a usb tester example.
I’ve had good luck with some, but not all USB extension cables. Here’s some testing I did a while back.

/edit - note these were not all available last time I checked, a lot of thes vendors are like fruit flies.


Thank you for the response gemniii.

I’ll be sure to follow up on your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

It also wouldn’t hurt to switch to a 2 Amp or higher supply.


Duly noted, cheers…

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You could also consider using “Low Voltage Wiring” and burying the wire from an A.C. power outlet (indoors) power supply to the cameras. Then use a 12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator adapter and install to camera.

The power Supply mounts indoors but the cable to camera can be longer as the 5 volts is regulated at the camera. And Voltage drop due to cable length is not an issue as the regulator will work with as low as 9 volts input.

I have ran over 180 feet of 2 conductor cable to camera with this setup, use low voltage lighting wiring it can be buried, it is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Connect the 12v to 5v micro-USB regulator adapter to cable matching polarity ( +red -black ) along cable where a camera is needed if more than 1 camera just get a 12 volt adapter with more current (Amps) The Adapter regulator is weatherproof except the micro-USB itself but the boot on the V3 takes care of that.

Links below to several power supplies, 1 Amp for 1 camera, 2 Amp for 2 cameras, or 5 amp for 5 cameras,
choose according to your needs. The cable run can have multiple connections for cameras along cable.

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

12 volt power supply 1 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 2 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 5 amp with connector adapter

14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire - 100 feet

Gardner Bender 25-1W1 Watergard Weatherproof Twist-On Wire Connectors, 22-12 AWG, Small Direct-Buried

This location originally had a V2 in an enclosure, the 12v to 5v adapter has been exposed to rain, snow, and heat of summer for over 3 years. Recently replaced V2 with a V3

Below is an event captured by this camera, note I don’t use IR as I get too many flying bug triggers.

This is a link to my Overly-Engineered Wyze Cam setup…LOL
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications


How long is the cable you are running? idk if im having power issues or signal. i have 6 cameras all running 50ft usb cables. 3 out of the 6 run fine around 100kb/s+ but the others always disconnect or run at 20kb/s - 0kb/s. its werid all are running the same set up.

180 feet is my longest run, But this is NOT a Standard USB Cable.

I ran low voltage lighting wire with 12 volts D.C. to the camera where the 12 volt to 5 volt regulator steps the voltage down to 5 volts for the micro-USB connection.

Running a 50 foot USB cord with a standard 5 volt USB adapter may or may not work as at that distance there would be a voltage drop around .25 volts at 300 milliamps (camera on, not streraming) The camera may still work at 4.75 volts but the voltage will drop further if uploading video to Ai, Viewing Live video, turning on I.R. illumination, etc…

Running a 50 foot USB cable from a 5 volt adapter is not ideal…

One way to test if it is a WiFi signal issue over a voltage issue would to be to power it with correct power of 5 volts either by a USB battery pack or run a temporary extension cord and test with USB adapter using the short cable at camera…

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im running 50ft usb cords. but here is my problem. 2 work fine with 100+ kb/s, 2 will do 24kb/s and one will just throw a error 90. im so lost all cameras are using the same set up. wondering if this is a power supply problem or wifi strength ?

ill try that thank you

I am willing to bet it is your WiFi signal as in my setup I had to boost my WiFi coverage area by adding additional Mesh WiFi Satellites.

In areas that the V2’s worked well but I later upgraded to a V3 the WiFi signal was insufficient for use on the V3 and the addition of the Mesh satellites totally resolved all communications issues like error 90, etc…