Extension power cord

Hello to all, and thank you very much in advance for any response.
I recently received a new Wyze Cam 3, and I need to use an extension for the power.
I would like to how what is the longest USB extension cord?
I actually need about 40-50 ft long, and not sure if this will work.
Thanks for your help and recommendations.

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That is unlikely to work reliably for 5V USB power with these cameras. You will probably lose at least a volt. It depends on the thickness of the cable. You’re better off extending 120V or perhaps a higher DC voltage, 12V or higher (and transforming it back down to 5V at the end of the run).


I have several cam pan cameras outside using Moyeel 42.5 foot microUSB cables. These have been working great for months. The USB power adapters supplied with the cameras is not powerful enough, so I bought some 4 port Anker 40 watt wall chargers. All the cameras outside use these.

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Thank you very much for the information.
I need just to connect only one Wyze cam so it should work.
Thank you again for the input!
I wonder if there is a security or protection type case for Wyze cam 3 to install it outside exposed to sun, wind, etc.?

It is rated and intended for outdoor use already.

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So what is the answer? What happened to the exention cord that was on their website in Decemeber / January I. It was a USB cable witha box of some sort on it.

I have some arriving soon and need to get power to them on the gutter to the attic.
I am still confused if they will not perform as well with just an USB extenson cable. But I am finding it hard o find one that is outdoor rated,

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Im also waiting for longer outdoor rated power cables or extension cable compatible with the V3 cameras. I have three V3 cameras sitting on my desk, can’t use them till I can power them with an ip rated extension cable.