Wyze Cam V3 outdoor use power options

The camera comes with a 6 foot power cord, but I need about 20-25 feet from the installation point to the nearest electrical outlet on the exterior of the house. What are the best options in this situation, and will they result in any degradation of the camera’s performance? Thanks!

Either an AC extension cord, or a USB extension. Here is some 15 foot USB extension cords I bought a few months ago. I have run both a V2 and a V3 (both at the same time, both with IR LEDS turned on) at the end of this and it worked fine.

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Although not ideal, the extension cord might be the better choice since you don’t risk losing power over the run. The USB cables may/may not provide enough power at that length so you need to test. Others have used ethernet cables with power injectors to make these kind of runs, too. These are specifically for converting USB power to ethernet, not POE.

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Somewhere back on this forum I posted tests of some USB power cords bought off Amazon that were up to 26 ft long. I was easily able to run 2 V2’s full blast.
This was one:
Look for thick cords but remember you only need power.
And it did work with my V3.

For outside power runs you might also want to take into consideration getting your wires rodent proof, either running inside a pipe or cat 2 or 3 (if they are good mousers), Some people recommend cat 5 but that seems overkill and then you have more cats to feed.


Thanks, I appreciate the info and suggestions!