30 Foot outdoor extension cords

Would like Wyze to offer 30 to 33 foot outdoor compatible cords I like having a camera on each corner of my house and the electrical outlets are at the center of the building

WYZE has 20 foot extensions. I think 30-33 feet is kind of pushing unless you use maybe use a larger power adapter depending on the camera. I had one V3 connected with the supplied 5V 1.5 A power adapter to the supplied 5 foot cable that is plugged into a 25’ USB extension cable. The camera recorded and stayed connected but if I turned on the siren it killed the cam . I got a bigger power adapter.
20 foot

If you are going to run that far, consider running an 120VAC extension cord, not a 5VDC cord. Then just plug your normal AC adapter in at the end.


That’s what I did. $4 each and I didn’t have to wait for a device manufacturer to design, contract, sell, and deliver them.

I have several of these going to v3 cams on the far corners of my deck. They are plugged into this

Amazon says I bought the Moyeel February 2020 and the Anker December 2020. Have had zero issues. Our winters get down to 0F and the summers get up to 102F. The Anker is outside under the deck but protected from the elements.

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