V3 Camera Extended Power Cord

Does Wyze or anyone else offer an extended power cord?

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I ordered two off of Amazon that work.

2 Pack 20FT Power Extension Cable… Amazon.com

They do both power and data.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Do you happen to know if there is a limit to the length and functionality of the cord?

I don’t know for certain. But someone else might. I am using one on the front porch and it goes to the lamp socket and it seems to be working fine.

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To power the camera you only need a power cable, but for accessories such as the lamp socket it must be power and data. Not sure what the limit is, but don’t go too long or else it could cut out, especially for data. How long are you thinking you need?

You can purchase Wyze’s out door Power adapter. the actual cable is long:


We currently have a few at 40ft no issues


I bought 4 of the exact same extensions as @cdlevin for my V3:

All are performing well for over a year now. Power is the important factor since the V3 does not use the cord for data.

The power requirements of the V3 are very important. Not all USB extensions are created equal. There are reports in the forum of other brands\types not delivering the necessary power over that distance. The cam acts wonky when it needs full power and can’t get it… like the two way audio, Night Vision IR, and the siren.

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Thanks to all that replied on the power extended cables.