Power extension cable for the Wyze Cam v3

Hi All,

I was planning on buying power extension cables since my Wyze Cam v3 will be located a bit further away from the power outlet (and will be placed outdoors).

I was planning to buy power extension cables from Amazon (like this one - https://www.amazon.com/Extension-Compatible-WyzeCam-NestCam-Charging/dp/B07QPHKNN6/ref=pd_ybh_a_18?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A1BF8B1ZJCX9T1E4XBJR) but I was told that I have to be careful whether they’ll be able to handle the outside weather elements (such as heat, rain, etc). Is there a recommendation or has someone used these, and they are okay with handling the outside weather?

Thanks in advance!

What’s your weather?
Most of the cables will suffice.
I tested 3 sets of cables from Amazon
And they all provided enough power to run 2 V2’s.

Hi gemnili,

The weather there is humid, and it’s moderate to hot (it gets to 100 farenheit).

I was looking for another option on Amazon India which I thought would work - https://www.amazon.in/CableCreation-CC0539/dp/B01M0LD97X/ref=pd_sbs_4/258-3958361-2964968?pd_rd_w=5ILk8&pf_rd_p=18688541-e961-44b9-b86a-bd9b8fa83027&pf_rd_r=JTZMWNM5ZF9MSGEZGD86&pd_rd_r=7b2093b7-e05c-4874-bce6-4b97b32e70f5&pd_rd_wg=idjmr&pd_rd_i=B01M0LD97X&th=1.

Can someone comment if this particular one would work? It says that it’s a USB micro cable. I just hope that there is no power degradation when it’s supplied through the 10 feet cable.

I run 40’ plus power cables for both V2 and V3 cameras, One outside in the weather and the other one inside… Both seem to work extremely well.

This is the brand I use outside. No issues. In the Midwest it gets over 100F. In the winter it sometimes gets below 0F

MOYEEL 33Ft Micro USB Power… Amazon.com

Before the v3 was available I had Cam Pan cameras connected outside. They worked great before I took them out of service. The motors in the Cam Pan surely have a higher amp draw than the v3.

That’s what I use.

I have 4 v3 cams outside, each on a 50ft usb cable. No issues

HI All, Thank you so much for the reply. This is what I ended up buying. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it actually works:

Thanks again!

When I first ordered the Wyze Cam v3 there use to be an “outdoor” extension cable in the list of accessories. It has since disappeared. Is everyone just using a regular USB cord and plugging it into the waterproof camera jack and then keeping the USB A inside? I have Storage Container I want to try and use the Wyze camera with as I am not overly happy with the InStar POE camera.

This one??? it is only 5 feet if that is what you need.