25-foot power cable for Wyze cams

Anybody have any experience with these?

It’s a 25-foot USB cord they claim to be compatible with Wyze V3 and others.

The biggest issue with a cable that long is voltage drop. Maybe it will work and maybe not.


Right. That’s what I’m looking to find out, if anyone has had any issues with that. Only running one camera I wouldn’t think it would be an issue, but I don’t know.

Anybody know how much current the camera draws really? I know what the power supply requirement is but that’s rarely a good indication of how much current it draws in the real world.

Anybody know what size the wire is that is in those cables? There are many charts on the Internet that show voltage drop per XXX feet for each AWG size, unfortunately I’m having trouble finding one that goes smaller than 18 AWG.

A related question… how much voltage drop can the Indoor Outdoor V3 tolerate?

I had an issue with a Cam Pan v2 using this 30ft extension cable.

It was extended on the existing factory Wyze cable provided with the camera. 10% of the time when I panned the camera it would lock up and reboot. I figure that the current draw from the motor dropped the voltage causing a reboot. I now run an AC extension cord to as close to the camera as possible, and only use the provided-length USB cable.

No specific information on that cable, but in general, it’s going to be a “maybe” with that long of a cable. Better change of success if you don’t have the IR illuminators turned on.

As I recall, 200 to 400 mAmp mostly depending on the IR illuminators.

Not on those specific cables, but damn near all USB cables have TINY wires - 24 to 30 gauge.

Here you go (you can do the math - don’t forget that you count distance twice (out and back)):

AWG  Electrical Resistance (Ohms/1000 ft) at 77 degrees F

4/0  0.0500
3/0	 0.063
2/0  0.0795
0	 0.100
1	 0.126
2	 0.159
3	 0.201
4	 0.253
5	 0.319
6	 0.403
7	 0.508
8	 0.641
9	 0.808
10	 1.02
11	 1.28
12	 1.62
13	 2.04
14	 2.58
15	 3.25
16	 4.09
17	 5.16
18	 6.51
19	 8.21
20	 10.4
21	 13.1
22	 16.5
23	 20.8
24	 26.2
25	 33.0
26	 41.6
27	 52.5
28	 66.2
29	 83.4
30	 105
31	 133
32	 167
33	 211
34	 266
35	 335
36	 423
37	 533
38	 673
39	 848
40	 1070


Courtesy of @Newshound:

The longest I have running are 20ft.


Thanks for the info and the chart, Jim. Yeah, if the wire is 26AWG, at 400 mA it works out to just north of 0.83V drop if my math is correct. If the wires are 28 or 30, of course it gets worse.

That’s asking a lot. Sounds to me like I’ll be better off running some AC out to the camera and using the power cable that comes with the cam.

What I don’t understand, in that case, is how the vendors of extra-long cables they claim are Wyze-compatible get away with it. They get decent reviews, too… there are a few complaints that the cables don’t work at all, or their workmanship is flimsy, but very few that complained about flaky camera operation.

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It will plug in - so OK.

What I would do (and have) is to run 12 - 24 volts out to the camera location with something like 18 AWG zip cord and then use a 5 volt regulator to get the needed 5V. Here is some I recently bought:

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I use 25 and 50 foot cables for my v3 cams mounted outdoors. Zero issues

As others have stated, that cable may work.

Definitely check out the reviews to see if others are actually using it with the Wyze cams.

Also you will want to get a better power adapter. There is a link in that other thread to one made for the WCO that has a higher voltage allowing it to last longer with long runs. Or you can try to find one on amazon that claims it has a slightly higher voltage.

I have used these 25’ Micro-USB cables on OG cams with the normal Wyze power supplies they come with, and these work fine in all modes: color, night vision, with and without the IR lights enabled:

I tried combining those 25’ Micro-USB cables with 10’ USB extension cables, and the OG cams would not power up.

I have used these 15’ USB extension cables with Pan Cam V3 models combined with the original 5’ Micro-USB cables with no issues (not sure why the link preview says 10’, because the product listing in Amazon shows 15’, and they are 15’ cables):

And I have used these 20’ Micro-USB cables on V3 cameras without any issues:

These have all been used with the original factory provided power supplies.

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Hello, I am late to the party on this. I just ordered this cable: https://a.co/d/dIwuMRC I will reply back with if they work on my V2 Cameras.

Longer cables will not necessarily work with all Wyze cameras. Some will some won’t. Specifically, using a long USB extension cable with a Cam Pan may be particularly problematic.

When panning a Cam Pan the motor will draw extra current causing a voltage drop which may force the camera to reboot/restart. I have confirmed this with several Pan Cams and various 20ft and longer USB extension cables that are advertised on Amazon and elsewhere as " compatible" with Wyze cameras. They may work with non Cam Pan cameras without a motor in them.

I had to return several supposedly “compatible” USB extension cables with a note that they were NOT compatible with a Cam Pan.

My solution was to run 120V extension cords to a point as close as possible to the cameras, and use the official supplied USB cable that is supplied with the Cam Pans.

They work great! No issues.

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They work great! No issues.

With which camera(s) are they working for you?

That’s the way it should be done.

Although, noting, some people could maybe see a situation where low watts in a cable is better.

A V2 and V3.

I bought two of that exact cable from the same listing.

It works flawless for me, as far as I can tell


These two 25ft cables are for one of my Pan Cam V3 and a Cam V3

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Note, wire resistance is higher in hot environments. Need to include that if you plan to use this outside in the hot summer.

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