Wyze cam v3 - length of cable

On the Wyze Camv3 , what is the maximum length of cable you can use.
Also at what height will the voice/talk feature no longer work.

It will work at all heights including 100 stories. You just won’t hear it if its 3 stories up maybe. I think 2 should probably both ways. 1 definitely works. You wouldn’t hear it anyway if someone is using a lawn mower next to you.

You should think about running an electrical cord instead of USB length. But, I suppose if you only want low watts going through it for whatever reason then its going to be iffy if it gets too long. Someone posted a link in another thread of an extension that is supposedly compatible with the cams via look, etc. Doesn’t mean anything as people sell all kinds of stuff just to sell stuff.

Personally, if you want length I’d go based on something like this regardless of products sold How long can a USB cable be? - Android Authority Since this is micro USB (older 2.0 likely), I’d not go more than 5 meters. But, I’d use an electrical extension instead since the included USB cable is long enough to do what it needs to do. But, some people might see a situation where its not good I suppose.

Does Wyze sell any kind of extension cables for the Camv3?
Thank you for your help…

Here is another thread on the topic.

I have several V3 cams that are powered thru a 20ft male USB-A (Power Adapter Block end) to male microUSB (Cam end) that I got on Amazon. I have never had an issue with them. But, the manufacturing quality and construction is important. Cheap ones usually skimp on wire quality which will reduce current delivered and may very well affect performance when amp draw is high, like when activating the siren, a spotlight accessory, or the 2 way talk.

Another Forum Maven, @Newshound, did a lot of great testing on the effectiveness of long power runs over USB. The details are posted here:

Wyze does sell a 20ft USB-A extension cable that will work between the Power Adapter and the cord shipped with your V3.

It can be found here:


Thanks to everyone for the help, much appreciated…

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Thanks again for everyone’s help…

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Does anyone know the maximum length of a usb cable between a wired (floodlight camera) and a v3 tethered to the floodlight’s usb port?

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