What spec or brand USB extension cables can I buy?

As Wyze apparently doesn’t offer longer USB extension cables than the default 5 or 6 ft ones, what are the the best ones to use that they officially recommend or that users here have had success with? I’ve looked on Amazon and even some of the top reviews people are saying they’ve had issues.

I need about 20-30 foot extension cables for a couple of my Wyze Cam v3s so I can hide them and oust the ugly extension cords I’m using currently. I’m in Europe but don’t mind ordering from Amazon US if I can’t find a similar version/specs to look for here in EU or on the Amazon EU sites. Is there a certain recommended brand or USB version I would need and should look for? i.e. micro USB 2.0? 3.0? Thanks!

Wyze only officially recommends the ones they sell, of course.
This is smart because the ones they sell are the only ones they’ve officially tested and can vouch for. The problem is that there is a QA issue with cords, and it’s hard to know if a 3rd party wire is good or not. Some are done horribly.

Unofficially, I’ve used all of these without problem:

The above have all worked for me fine. Keep in mind that they are power-only wires (no data), so they’ll work well for providing power to the camera, but they will not work well if you need data too, such as wiring the camera to a Wyze lamp socket for example.


Ive used these and had no issues powering the v3 cameras!

MOYEEL 2- Pack 40FT Flat Power Extension Cable Compatible with Wyze Cam/Wyze Cam Pan,Yi Camera,NestCam Indoor,Blink XT Camera,Netvue Cam,USB to Micro USB Charging Cord for Home Security Camera
V3 cords amazon link


I’ve used both of those 4 packed cables. However, I found I needed to replace the power adapter from the 1 amp to at least 2.1 to insure the cam stays online. Otherwise, it seemed the image would freeze. After I realized 2.1 adapters would work without any more issues, I replaced the rest of my adapters where the cable was standard Wyze up to 15 foot. Now, I know power will not/is not an issue so when there’s any hiccup, I can depend its not a power issue. Wound up with a box of new Wyze adapters that collect dust.

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Thanks for the input here, good to know. I’m also using a 2A adapter from an old Nokia phone charger for one of my Wyze Cam v3 with no issue. In Europe, so I can only order the Wyze from US, which came with the US plug adapter, but I felt better using the Nokia one than one of those mini US → EU plug adapters

For all my outdoor cams I use Anker 40 watt chargers. These are outside also and shielded from the elements.

All my cables are made by Moyeel and were purchased on Amazon

One camera location must be in the Bermuda Triangle. This v3 has a spotlight that misbehaved a lot. Sometimes it would stay on even after turning it off. Other times the spotlight disappeared from the app. I tried several v3 cameras, several cables, several Anker chargers all with the same result. Finally I connected my RAVPower 32000 mAh USB power bank right at the camera. Left it like this until the power bank depleted (~ 2 days). No issues.
Bought a 32 foot USB active extension cable for that location. No issues for months.

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