Sell Wyze replacement power cables

I wish you would sell the replacement cords for the cameras on your website. We are needing two and it would be nice not to have to order a third party one off amazon.

Not what you’re asking for, but just so you’re aware, the Wyze Cam Mounting Kit comes with a 5’ USB extension cable and the Pan Cam Mounting Kit comes with a 15’ USB cable.

Thank you! We are aware, we have about 8 wyze cameras, however, one of our kittens got ahold of the cord and we need to replace a few.

You need to replace a few cords or kittens :slight_smile:

Post over in Ask the Community, there have been several posts about USB cords. @Loki linked me to some great short cords
when I needed some to hook cameras together to share USB,


LOl, Never replace kittens. :slight_smile:

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Longer power cord options for V3 & OG Cams

Hello! Is there any option for a longer power cords for the Wyze V3 or the OG? 6ft just is not enough in certain cases and I have yet to find an alternative for this other tha nunning super long extension cords which is just ugly! Pleas make 10ft, 15ft & 25ft cords and the option to stack the cords. So if I need 30ft, obviously I’d buy 2 of the 15’s, etc.

Thank you!

We have some of the cables listed here and hope to have more.