Wyze branded long USB cables

To Wyze developers and product managements.

Is it possible for you to come out with your set of wires for outside? The length should be 24, 50, 75, & 100 foot usb cables to allow you to power and daisy-chain for the Wyze cam V3? Or, some outdoors setup for the challenges that a homeowners would have to do. It can be poe cables from Existing from current setup from Poe cameras I would like to replace with new Wyze cam V3. Like smaller versions of Poe to USB adapters as another suggestion to help in continuous recording. Even possible larger solar chargers if that is possible also.

I hope you can implement these ideas to better the cams.

Take care and be safe!




In the last Wyze AMA Webinar, they mentioned working on a POE solution (skip ahead to start it at 12:26) and they said they are also working on a Solar power option too (skip ahead to start it at 39:29) which they said as far back as October already had a prototype and was in testing.
So a couple of those ideas are already being worked on.

I hope that helps. I too would love for some of those ideas to materialize.


Jack is specifically asking for branded cable though. That seems unlikely.

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There are 25 and 50 foot usb cables available on Amazon and eBay right now. I’ve been using them on my outdoor mounted cams for years. Its just a standard micro usb cable. Wyze stamping their logo on it won’t make it any better. They don’t actually manufacture anything they sell. They just design it and a company in China makes it for them.


With the market being flooded already with cables, there is not a huge need for this, for some the biggest use would be are that it would work with the Wyze product, but USB is a universal standard so :woman_shrugging:

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