Oh, For Cord's Sake!

So, I need a new power cord, but Wyze doesn’t offer them by themselves. No problem, the mounting kits aren’t expensive. One thing I’ve noticed though, for those of you that need a longer cord:

The Pan Mounting Kit, which is $8.99, offers a 15-foot cord, while the Cam v1/v2 Mounting Kit, which is $3.99, only comes with a 5-foot cord.

It would take three purchases of the regular cam kit for a total of $12 (plus tax and shipping) to make up for the one purchase of a pan cam kit worth of cord length. Interesting!

On that note! Can anyone recommend any other brands of cords that work well with the Wyze cams? I like Wyze’s cords, but just curious if there are better deals out there.

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I have personally used both of these and had zero issues.