Regarding buying a longer usb cable from amazon

Can you please direct me to a long cable that fits in the back of the wyze cam 2 without the head sticking out (exposed metal usb head) ?
Please educate me on the head size of the USB cable.
I ordered one from amazon but the Metalic head sticks out a little.
I want something similar to what is shipped with the wyze cam but longer.
Thank you

I don’t know how much longer you need, but I’ve managed to meet my needs for two different cameras with a simple Walmart extension cord for $1.47 ea.

Here’s what I got from Amazon.
HTH Chris


I have some of these and there is no metal exposed and they work good

They have longer ones too

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I haven’t used my 16’ footer yet, but it is from Amz.

Back then, I though I went, "Where no man has gone b4! "

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Thank you so much everyone.
I appreciate all the replies. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had to buy an 8 foot and a 10 foot cable, from Amazon, and had problems with the molded plug on the male end (the camera end) being too large to fit. Once I calmed down I simply used my Swiss Army Knife to whittle them down just a bit. Problem solved. It sucks, but it works. Just don’t cut your cables or fingers!

My distance from power outlet to camera will be greater than 25 feet. Will two 25 ft usb cables connected together work? or is the maximum for camera connectivity via usb a 25 foot maximum?
Let me know

This is another way to run long power drops to camera
Long USB power cable solution