Extension usb/power cable

Will WYZE cam og and cam v3 worked with 25 ft usb power cable from Amazon ? Looks like WYZE only offers 12.5 ft power cable

It probably will, as long as you get a good high quality cable and power brick.

The camera will receive less power the longer the cable, and a cheap cable especially will degrade more and more

I have a V3 connected to a 25 foot USB A cable. The male end of the cable is plugged into the supplied V3 power adapter which is plugged into a smart switch. The provided USB cable is plugged into the female end of the 25 ft. cable. I don’t have an OG

I have three v3s connected with 40 ft USB cables like one below. None of them are powered with supplied power bricks. I am using 4.8 Amp power bricks shown below.

Thanks for your reply. It looks like each usb wall charger will handle 2 cameras, right ?

Yes it will. On one of my cameras the siren cuts off sometimes as well as the two way radio. That one camera is the farthest from the router. The other two function fine.

You have the WYZE cam v3 cameras, right ? Do you have any WYZE cam OG ?

Only v3s