Replacement power cable pan v3

My hamster chewed through the cable and now I need a new one. Has anyone found one that works since it needs to be very specific?

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I don’t think Wyze sells the cable separately, but the new outdoor power adapter v2 includes an adapter.

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Because that 90° plug is specific to the cam, you aren’t going to find an easy replacement short of the pigtail adapter @IEatBeans mentioned.

However, if you are handy, you might be able to repair it or put a new plug on the power adapter end. Since the cord is power only, there should only be 2 wires in the cord that need to be reconnected. Alternatively, you can replace the USB-A end with one of these:

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I have decided to get a different mount for this. This should fix my problem. Arrives tomorrow.

Here’s the link if anyone is looking for one.

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