PanCam v3 needs a longer power cable option

So, I just received my new PanCam v3s, the cam itself is awesome so far, but!
The power cable comes with a molded 90 degree end that looks to be proprietary to the wyze cam.
This really needs to be an accessory that’s offered in longer lengths, the cable that comes with it is approximately 6 ft.
Just putting this out there for everyone to see. I already talked to customer service and they said that they would pass it on to the dev team.


Do a search of the Wish List category…this is already there.


I did, guess I didn’t look long enough.
Thanks though. I’ve come up with a temporary fix for this, it requires a female micro usb to female usb adapter. Then you can use the cables that wyze already makes, just a splice in theory.


Be sure to seal the connections against water. I saw others suggesting the same solution.


Yeah, some heat shrink will take care of that.


ok so supposed this is replacing a pan cam v2. would the cable that went to the v2 power the v3 after I put the adapter in.

Im still baffled at this ommission


Just use a commonly-available quality USB A female to USB A male cable on the power adapter side. I wouldn’t exceed about 20 feet, though.

Here is another discussion on this:

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I don’t know what your V2 installation looks like, but you would install the Pan V3 with its special power cable in place of the Pan V2, and if the V2’s old power cable plugs into a Type A extension cable, then you would plug the Type A end of the special V3 cable into that.

Don’t forget to waterproof any extension cable connectors if they are outdoors.

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Your connection will be female to female, other then that, I agree.
Unless you have a different usb power cable that requires female to male.
Normally the old cable for the v2 is a straight male connection, the new V3 come with a 6 ft male usb type A to micro usb with the 90 degree end that looks proprietary to wyze. So a female type A to female micro usb adapter with some heat shrink or other suitable method of weather sealant should work.

No, the cable coming from the camera with a Type A male connector that normally plugs into the female power adapter would plug into the female on the extender cable.

On the other end of the extender cable you would have a Type A male connector that would plug into the female power adapter.

Classic extender cable, male/female.

The solution was offered to you in response for your original post, how to get a longer cable. You do not need to mess with the micro USB side, and you shouldn’t. Could compromise the waterproof seal.

If you buy a different cable maybe, what I’m talking about is a splice connection. That way you can use what’s already in place. The USB is a male end that plugs in to the wall adapter, and what I already have in place to old cam has a male micro usb that plugs in to the back of the cam.

So a female to female is the best option for a quick splice connection.
Either way can be done I guess.

Do not replace the micro USB side with another connector. The camera will no longer be waterproof. Must be the Pan V3 cable’s connector.

Obviously your not understanding, all it is is a connector, plug both ends in with some heat shrink and your good to go.
No cable mods or any weird stuff involving a soldering iron, just a connection.

I just received the connector and it works fine.

I guess what I’m worried about is you show a picture of a straight micro USB connector, then talk about using what’s already in place, like maybe an old Pan V2 connection. I am saying you must use the Pan V3 right-angled plug to assure waterproofing. But what you do with the Type A side is up to you. :wink:

Dude! That’s exactly what I’m talkin about.
Using my old 15 ft ext cable from wyze, to the new 6 ft cable. Somewhere along the line you missed that.
It’s just plugging the two together.

I drilled a hole in the mount and came down from the top.

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s the advantage of the hole?

I had a long wire that was not right angle. The right angle wire provided with the Pan Cam V3 has a right angle end. The hole allowed me to use a longer wire and attach it straight down.

Wouldn’t that compromise weather sealing of the plug?

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It may, if you did such an install as suggested and have concerns, some silicone dabbed over the connection is an option. I guess it depends on where you are going to install the cam.