Wyze Cam Pan v3 extension cable

I’ve noticed that if I try to use the USB A to mini then try to use the adapter to go from mini back to USB A, the pan v3 simply will not work. It seems to work for a few minutes but then when it trys to follow any motion, it shuts down and gives error 90 even though the camera is powered on and flashing blue and the night time IR lights are active. The camera has power but will not work. They need to come up with an extension cable for the camera so it will work properly. Had anyone else run into this issue? I’ve looked into a powered USB cable (active) but that doesn’t seem like a good solution either. I may have to return these until there is a solution.

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I suspect not enough volts/amps reaching the camera.

I found extension cables on Amazon.

Siocen 13 ft power usb cables. I attached one and it works.
Shouldn’t have had to that.

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Yes, I have exactly the same problems using the adapter for female micro USB to female USB A which I tried using to connect the male end of the Pan Cam 3 to the male end of the USB extension cord I have in place.

Dang. That would have been the easiest way to get them connected for me. Too bad it won’t work.

Active USB extender should work but I’m not sure as I don’t have one or need one.

PLEASE make a longer power cord for the Cam Pan V3!!!


The biggest struggle I had was trying to get the end through a previously drilled hole I had for a static V3 cam I had mounted. You need at least a 3/4” hoe to get this cable through without damaging it.

But my suggestion is to make a 3 inch waterproof female end and male 90° end adapter and there would be no issues. I could have even left the old cable I had that was sealed through the wall and used it. But in my opinion this would solve everyone’s issues. You don’t have to change any existing long cables and you don’t need to make special long cables just for this camera.


We need an adapter cable for the new pan v3.

This is so we can swap the camera in place with an existing wyzE camera with an already installed long usb cable that is stapled in place.

The need for a right angle connector necessitates this.

It would need to be micro usb female to micro usb male 90% angle. Short and preferably white.



They have a short pigtail adapter but it’s only part of the outdoor power adapter v2. This needs to be sold separately!


Please provide a short (like 6 inches) pigtail cable that can go from an existing Cam Pan v1 or 2 to the new v3. I cannot find another 90-degree cable that will work, and have already purchased a number of them to test. I have a number of v1 & v2 cameras in service, and am upgrading to v3s, but do not want to re-run cable.


Wyze is releasing a V2 Outdoor Plug Adapter which includes a Pig-Tail for the Pan V3. Here is the link.

Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter

There is a Pig-Tail adapter which appears can be used to existing wiring as requested.

@kahn @tuttlebob , I believe the Pig-Tail is what will work for you.


90 degree power adapter

Wyze should supply the 90 deg pigtail power adapter with the new pan cam outdoor v3 camera. Its currently only available to purchase with the outdoor plug v2.
Wyze either include the adapter with rhe camera or at least make it available for purchase separately


Thank you.

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Wyze Cam Pan v3 power adapter

You already have a pigtail created for the Wyze cam pan V3. It is part of the Outdoor Power Adapter version 2. You need to make this available as a separate item. That way, those of us that have some outdoor cam installed, can use the pigtail with our existing run cables. All we need to do is replace the power adapter at with A/C end (5v2000ma) and the pigtail at the camera end.

Please make it available. I already have outdoor receptacles. I will never buy your Outdoor Power Adapter. I will find another solution. But the pigtail would be best.


I’m currently chatting online with support. I sent a picture and “Sebastian” has no idea what I’m talking about. He even thought it was an audio jack! I’ve waited 20 minutes of chat to just get this far.


You are preaching to he choir. This is a user to user forum, just like yourself. If you want Wyze to listen to you, you need to contact them directly.


I also agree L shape connection needs change or offer longer chord

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a 4.5 in. female to male weatherproof dongle with a 90 degree angled micro USB male end

The new outdoor power adapter is great but could we possibly just get the 4.5 in. Female to male usb dongle. So we could attach the v3 pan cam to our existing cables from the v3 cameras. I don’t wana pay 16 dollars for just the dongle.


I second this. I’d be less upset spending an additional $5 per camera than $16 per camera after just spending over $120 on new cameras with inadequate power options to begin with. We have the cables… the freaking dongle is what we need.