Vote for thepan cam V3 power cables

Hey everyone! The wyze wizards have created a poll for the Pan Cam V3 power cables. PLEASE FIND THIS TOPIC AND VOTE FOR IT.

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If you long press the Title area of any thread, then select “Copy Link Address”, you can then paste that URL address into your post (even if you go back and edit it) and it will then appear in your post as a clickable link to the thread you are referencing so users don’t have to search for it (see below).

Alternatively, you can also click the three dots on the bottom right of the first post in that thread (or any post for that matter) and copy the URL to paste into your post:

The Topic is actually a Wishlist thread rather than a poll. A poll is inserted directly into a post by a user.

Make Pan V3 Extension Cables available?
  • Yes
  • No
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Wyze Wizards are the Customer Service Agents. They do not participate here in the Forum.

Wishlist request topics are submitted in the category by users like you and reviewed by the moderators to see if there is a similar request already on the Wishlist. If approved, it is posted. The first user to post is the one who submitted the request. If there is already a topic, your request is merged into that topic. If your request already meets current functionality, it is merged to a topic that covers the solution.

Is this the Wishlist topic you were referencing?

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