Reviews of Wyze Cam Pan V3 weatherproof! Just Published

Indoors or out? Indoors I use these Amcrest cameras ($37.99 per the website):

Outdoors I use these, but they aren’t PTZ:


Needs to be outdoor. I’m in no rush… it’s to replace the last of my POE cams.

There’s a sucker born every minute, raises hand :clap::rofl:

I bought one to evaluate…


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Use it to track those terrorist :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: or Mr. :skunk:

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i ordered.but worried about the proprietary connection to the camera from the cable that is only seems that you cant just get another cable aftermarket? silly because this is meant to be outdoors and/or on ceilings. meaning more than 6 ft for about 90% of the cases.

Any suggestions?

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Would USB extension cable do the job?

A usb extension cable should work fine.

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Could this be attached and powered from the Flood light? Would be great to swivel on the flood light camera.

It can be powered from the secondary USB power output plug on the Wyze Floodlight. It cannot be the primary cam used to control the Floodlight as an accessory though. For that you still need to use a V3.

Thanks. Would the floodlight would still turn on via motion sensor w/o a V2 or V3 camera attached? If I simply power this to through the secondary USB, and given the decent night vision, might be ok? Seems like Wyze could fix the floodlight accessory limitation via software for Pan Cam V3?

NOTE: This cable cannot be used for charging

100% missed the ball on the USB connector. Should have included a male 90 degree micro usb to female micro usb pigtail in the box. Limiting us to a 6’ proprietary USB cable is a major oversight.


Or have the pigtail integral to the box, like the V3.


I agree. I don’t like the uncommon 90 degree plug angle. Either a built in Pig-tail like the V3, or a pigtail adapter would have been the best way to go here IMO. Then it would be easier to use other sized cords, get replacements, etc.


Is vertical axis driven by belt?

Looks like it, judging by the arm that holds the camera. We have to wait for someone to do a tear down :slight_smile:

Absolutely missed the mark. By a longshot.

I have 4 of these cams on the way expecting delivery soon. These are intended to replace my under-eave mounted V3 cams on the 4 corners of my house. My V3 have previously been wired through a hole in the eave under a rubber gasket compression sealed mount IR blaster spotlight. The pigtail microUSB rubber boot is inside protected from the weather plugged into a standard aftermarket 20ft microUSB male to USB-A male extension cable. That is plugged into a Wyze Power Supply (1amp) plugged into Smart Plug at a central junction box power outlet. I will be swapping out the 1amp power supply with the 2amp power supply that the PanV3 requires, but that is an easy swap at the power outlet.

With this PanV3 shipping with only a 6ft 90° microUSB male (note: proprietary design for weather seal CANNOT be acquired or duplicated aftermarket) to USB-A male cord, the following applies:

  • Cannot be used with ANY existing Wyze power cord that ships with any other cam.
  • Cannot be used with ANY aftermarket cord replacements being used to power the V1, V2, V3, V3Pro, PanV1, or PanV2 (microUSB male to USB-A male)
  • Cannot be used with the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter

The only way to power this thing farther than 6ft away without purchasing additional equipment is if you previously had a USB-A female to USB-A male extension cable in place plugged into the existing Wyze power cord.

Since I don’t have that in place, and I certainly don’t want to once again crawl on my belly thru the attic rafters and joists fishing and stringing 4 replacement 20ft USB power cords that were previously placed for the V3, my only option if I want to use the existing power configuration I already have in place that powers ALL OF MY EXISTING V3, V3PRO, & PANV1 WYZE CAMS, is to purchase 4 USB-A female to microUSB female adapters and try to stuff it and another 6ft of cable up thru that tiny hole.

Creating a cam that isn’t compatible with any of the current power delivery system configurations in place for the entire family of Wyze cams isn’t an oversight in standardized product design. It is a complete departure from standardization. Even the V3Pro can still be used with existing V3 cords, aftermarket extensions, and the Outdoor Power Adapter (weather seal notwithstanding… Another departure from a standardized design that made no logical sense).


@SlabSlayer - use something like these to get the micro-USB to USB-A
Warmstor 3-Pack USB 2.0 A Female to Micro USB Female Adapter Converter Connector Support Data Sync & Charging

Seal with Marine Grade Shrink Tubing for Weather Resistance


I don’t have the Wyze Floodlight, but I believe that a primary V3 must be attached to the floodlight since the floodlight is an Accessory to that V3. Without a V3 cam to provide the access to the settings, I am doubtful the PIR motion sensor will still work.

There are other users here who do have and use the floodlight that may be able to give you better details.

I do know that Floodlight control is limited to the V3 and the secondary USB power supply provides the necessary 2 amps required for the PanV3.