Making wyze cam pan v3 accessible like cam outdoor

It would be nice to have the wyze cam pan v3 an outdoor cam not requiring wired power connection. Since the wyze cam 2 battery can be powered by a solar panel, power might not be as much an issue. The camera could be controlled by the phone app and would not necessarily be programmed to follow movement which would conserve the battery, but could be controlled much like the cam pan.

The Pan camera series is one of the higher consumers of power that Wyze puts out. Because of the motors, maximum current draw can be 25x higher. Yes, you could limit motor use, but the battery-powered cameras also sleep between detections to save power.

So a battery-powered Pan definitely would not work like a normal Pan with things like live streaming, but could still do a point-the-lens function now and then.

Maybe they will consider that limited ability in future battery-powered cameras. :slight_smile:


This is a VERY rough calc. For full functionality of a Cam Pan V3 from solar, would require something in the neighborhood of a 100 watt solar panel and a small car battery sized battery. If you live someplace that does not have good solar, plan on a larger panel and likely a larger battery. If you get a lots of cloudy days, both solar panel and battery will need to be larger.
This is NOT something you’re going to accomplish with a small panel.