Wyze Cam Pan v3 with Base Station and Solar Panel

I want to mount a Cam Pan a little ways away from the house, so I will need solar power and was thinking I would need the base station. I know these work with the Outdoor Cam, but will they work with the Cam Pan v3?

The base stations currently only work with WCOs.


The Solar Panel also only works to DC charge the WCO batteries. It will not run any cam that requires AC power, like the PanV3. There is no way for it to provide the sustained current required to power an AC cam.

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What about a Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor?

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Wasserstein makes a Solar Panel that is compatible with the Wyze Cam Outdoor V1 and one that is compatible with both the WCO V1 and the WCO V2:

But, as it pertains to the subject of this thread, solar panels will not power any cam. It only charges the batteries in the cam. The batteries provide the power to the cam.

If the cam doesn’t have batteries, the solar panel has no way to provide the sustained power required to run the cam. The only way to use a solar panel on a “plug in” cam designed to be powered from a wall socket is to add an external battery bank and appropriate power adapter to power the cam and a charge controller for the solar panel to recharge that battery bank. The battery bank and solar panel would need to be sized for the daily power draw of the cam plus a reserve for low charge conditions.