Really want a 12v powered outdoor camera

I already have cameras that are installed and work but are clunky. I want to be able to replace them with Wyze cameras that function like the standard indoor ones but are outdoor and use a 12v barrel connection for power. This seems like a easy win for wyze as I bet a lot of people would love to retrofit older systems.

it sounds to me like you want the new V3 but with a different connector type.

I would search around for x-to-x connectors on the outerwebs. more than likely you could find what you need and run the new V3 with it. just a guess though.

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I think you are right. I didn’t realize v3 was weather resistant.

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it happens, there a lot of information to take in on that one.

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Wyze needs to produce camera that supports 12volts power so that you can use your 12volt low voltage lighting power. That way you can set up camera anywhere in your landscape or surrounding area that has low voltage (12v) supply.

Try looking up 12v to usb converter on Amazon. Seems with one of those and some sort of waterproof box it could work?

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Thanks for that information. I’ll give it a try.

Not sure if anybody found out yet that 12v conversation power source doesn’t work for cam pan v2 and v3 models… if you find a way to make it work please let known

I agree 100% that Wyze needs To make cams that uses 12v, there are so many old security systems use 12v that can be replaced with Wyze cam using the existing wiring for power source.

Are you able to get cam pan v2 and v3 to work with 12v power source? I am not able to, it works fine with all other cam except cam pans

12 volt power source for Wyze cams to replace old security systems