Wyze pan cam v3

Disappointed in the length of the USB cable for the pan cam V3 as compared to the V3 camera.

Went to replace the older V3 and the new cable is shorter and would not reach where I had the V3 mounted.

Since the new cable has a 90 degree bend in it, I could not use the old cable as is. Had to 3D print a new mount to allow room to use the old cable.

The new proprietary 90° microUSB cord on the Pan V3 has produced a lot of discussion in the forum.

But, be aware that the 90° microUSB plug was specifically designed for the cam to seal the power port and make it weatherproof compliant. If you are using it outdoors with any other cord, the plug is not weatherproof and the warranty is voided if it fails due to water intrusion which is likely without the sealing plug that came with it.