Mounting cameras and where to plug them in

Apologies if this has been asked, I couldn’t find it from a search. I have a Wyze pan camera and outdoor mount kit from amazon. For months I’ve had it mounted above my front door at an angle so I can see my driveway/garage and front yard. The problem is I just have the cord plugged into the outlet on our front porch. I’m not sure how else to plug it in?? So far it’s been fine, but realistically someone could just unplug the camera. Does anybody want to share what they have done With the cord? We do have a balcony right above the front porch with a plug there. Please share because I have no idea how to get the cord in a place where they could not remove it??

You might try looking through the thread I linked below it shows different ways people have mounted them.


I to had a similar issue out front at my place. I ended up running the wire next to the gutter and that hide it enough. The outdoor plug was updated with a new cover that can house the entire adapter. My other two are mount with long wires running into the garage to the power source. I will eventually run the outdoor wire into the attic to a power source…eventually.

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If you perchance have some older 12v cameras on the outsides of your house you may want to look into tapping power from them.
See link below:
Powering V2’s with old 12 cctv systems

This has worked very well for me as I now have the old and the new systems working.

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Hello again Hes9023, sorry I transposed your moniker last time.
If you post a picture of your over the door camera setup, I may be able to provide some suggestions. To attach a picture click on the icon with the arrow pointing up out of a tray.

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If you are not sure what to do i would call a licensed electrician who could install a plug close to your camera.The best way to install a cam is at a level that it cant be reached with the plug next to it. Or a long USB cable hidden and run it to a 110v plug. Without a pic for me is hard to tell your situation.
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If you have a light above you door you can get an adapter that you screw in where the bulb goes (got mine from Amazon). It has a socket for the bulb and one or two electrical plugs. I ran the wire from the camera into the light fixture and plugged it in. Still had my light and it couldn’t be unplugged without taking the fixture apart. I used a smart bulb on a schedule because you have to leave the light switch on so the camera is always powered up. Works great!

Hello, again Hes9023.
The pictures below show some of what I have done for camera installations for family and neighbors.
If possible try and run the camera wire through a hole in a wall where it can be plugged into a power source:

If convenient places to pass through walls are not available then the wire must be run on the wall surface preferably tight in corners or behind gutters, downspouts or above window moldings, etc.:

But, better to cover wires in plain sight with molding:

Vertical Hide
Hope this helps.
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Gotta love the fake screw! :grinning: Forming a condensation drip-point for rainy days I presume?

It is not for condensation. It is for misdirection, to lead someone to think the camera is more solidly attached than it really is. The cameras are sufficiently protected from the elements such that they would not even dampen a finger that touched them during a heavy rain.

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I actually use these in my home for indoor cameras:

I don’t use my cameras outdoor. Will be buying the outdoor ones when they come out for that.