Cam location Advice Please!

I just bought a pan cam and a normal wyze cam. Any suggestions on where I should put the pan cam? I keep changing my mind, I like the idea of putting it up under the deck a little so it doesn’t get TOO wet, but the melting snow and rain falls straight from the 2nd floor roof onto my deck about 10 inches from my patio door. As it’s a condo association I’m not sure about how visible the camera can be from the road. Any ideas would be great!

Photo for assistance! 30052030_10100692630210641_2280256075053998888_o

Welcome to the community, @alliemj84. I have to mention this, but current Wyze cams are not intended for outdoor use. Please see the below support article. With that said, many people mount them outside with success, especially the V2 cameras. I personally would not recommend mounting a Pan outside without decent protection due to the motors inside it. If you do a SEARCH on the forum for “mount”, you will find several threads with what you’re asking about. Good luck!

Yes I understand that and I’ve seen them mounts, I’m just wondering what would be the best placement for the camera.

Personally, I would try underneath one of the overhangs, but out of reach without a ladder. But don’t make it too difficult to get to in case the camera ends up needing a hard reset, SD card replacement, etc.