Wyze Cam v1/2 - can it be used outdoor?

I have a Wyze Cam v1 or v2 (can’t remember which). Can it be used outdoor between my main door and glass storm door in cold temperatures in PA? It would not get wet in this area. I plan on recording to an SD card installed.

It will work just fine as long as you have ip there

While Wyze only supports it as an indoor cam, certainly many people have used it outside in sheltered areas.

Until I recently replaced it with a v3, I had a v2 attached under my window heat pump, where it had been both during the summer and our record cold single digit temperatures back in February. It was still working without issue when replaced.

I have purchased a number of enclosures for the v2 camera’s from amazon:


Put them outside at my in-laws, under the eaves. Been there for a couple of years and have had no issues at all with them. Understand, they are not outdoor rated and if something goes wrong, not supported. But I was willing to take the risk. 2+ years later, they are still working great. I live in Virginia and it has gotten cold here.

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I used a V2 outdoors with a SD card in Indiana for years, so as long as it is protected from direct rain, it should be fine.

I know it’s not exactly related, but I have been using 4 cam pan’s outside for almost a year and have yet to have a failure. i’ve added external antennas to all of them and have a mix of upside down and right side up orientation, all with memory cards installed. I am not getting any kind of monsoon level moisture from the heavens, however they have all been properly rained on and no issues at all.