Snowball fight whoops


This is magnificent.

Curious, is your Wyze cam mounted outdoors? Or inside looking through a window? I live in the midwest and am interested in using one of my Wyze cam v2’s outside, but doubt it could function correctly being outside in such cold weather.


These are indoor rated cameras but many people have reported success, or at least a lack of failure, using the cameras outdoors particularly when protected from direct rain such as under an overhang or covered deck or porch. They do sell (not Wyze) some outdoor protection on Amazon but I don’t know the quality of them.

I have had both of my cameras outside since the v2 came out and have never had an issue! They are under overhangs, one facing south and one north. Have never had an issue with extreme hot or cold weather.

I have three Wyze cams, all outdoors. Two are mounted under eves so not to get wet and the third is mounted in our porch. The only issue was that I had to replace the one on the porch because it got too hot (in the direct sun) one summer day and melted the cord a bit (we live in the desert and it can get triple-digits here).