Wyzecam v2 - Really Cold Weather performance

I have one of my Wyzecam v2 units outside and it is bitterly cold in the Toronto area today. It has warmed up a few degrees and is now -24C (or -12F). The Wyzecam seems to be working as normal under my sheds eaves using an outdoor housing from Amazon. The shed is well over 100 feet from my house and I am getting approximately 100K/s in HD mode in these well out-of-spec conditions.
I am excited to see the new Wyzecam outdoor units, but really this is a pretty brutal test for the current indoor units and mine is doing exceptionally well.


I have one outside where’s it’s now 4 deg F and it’s working fine.

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Mines is working fine as well under my porch just above my door!

I have a Wyze Cam Pan operating under similar temps (-15 deg f). It’s installed under a 4 ft overhang so pretty well protected, but no protective case. Panning works fine, the picture is clear. My biggest problem is frequent loss of connection despite a very strong wifi signal. I use a Wemo smart outlet to power cycle the camera remotely as needed – often 2-3 times per day.


I won’t test my Pan outside on a day like this. Bravo Wyze for making a rather durable product for something so affordable.

I have 2 of them going in-15F for a few days now. Now problems so far. They are in a protective cover from amazon.

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anyone use it outside under a roof without the outdoor mount? i use mine outdoors, but it rains a lot where i am…not sure if the moisture in the air would eventually damage it.

what protective cover is that?

I use these outside, but I only left one outside for the winter. I have only used these where they are mostly protected via roof overhangs, etc.


That’s good to hear. I was waiting for Wyze to introduce an outdoor camera. The current specs state an operating temperature between 32 deg and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll have to try one of those Amazon out door mounts.

I have two in my RV. I lost connection to the hotspot today. The temperature got down to -6 Fahrenheit. I think it was the hotspot and not the camera.

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We were at negative -31 here last night. Both of my cams worked fine so far.

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It was 42°F here this morning (freaking cold here–Saint Augustine, Fl; 2 miles West of Crescent Beach) and it worked fine…

42 is when we start wearing shorts where I live… :stuck_out_tongue:


I live in Chicago suburbs. I have my cameras outside since last few months and I am gonna tell you they survived the brutal cold and windy weather here. Functioning perfectly well at -10 F/-22 C. It will be real test for them for next few days as temp will be dropping to -20 in next few days. Thank you Wyze team!


I am in a suburb of Chicago. Two cams are outside. A ver2 on unheated, open air, porch. A pan under overhang of roof above a deck. Both have been working fine, despite the cold temperatures. A little below 0 degrees F. They have been going since last summer. No enclosures are used.


My outdoor wyze v2 is operating in -20 F without issues. next week we’re supposed to get down to -30F,
It is inside a frienda brand silicone sleeve.

I have had 4 cameras outside for a little over a year now. All four have worked perfectly through snow, rain, freezing rain, cold temps. I live on the coast in Connecticut. All four are in “houses” from Amazon. Three are protected under an eve and one is exposed. No issues after a year! I am really happy with these cameras.

Similar issue, great wifi strength but camera struggles to stay connected.

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