Wyzecam v2 - Really Cold Weather performance

I have been testing three outdoors in similar weather in KC - 1) completely exposed to the elements outside my camper, 2) partially exposed 5ft beneath my house eaves, and 3) not exposed under my carport roof. No issues with any so far. :slight_smile:

To follow up. I checked on the cams and both were still working. The hotspot was off. I unplugged it and it started working again. I placed the hotspot in a cheap oven Mitt from Walmart. It has been working with -15 Fahrenheit. I placed a cam under the RV without a weatherproof enclosure and it is working without a problem.

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It isn’t as cold in Toronto as other areas today (around 0f or -18c) but my Wyzecam is still performing perfectly. My wireless access point is inside, approximately 120 feet away from my oudoor Wyzecam and I get around 100-120kb/s or so in HD mode. I haven’t checked to see if the microSD card is still functional. I am impressed with all these stories of the indoor v2 model working in these extreme outdoor conditions without anybody reporting issues.

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Same. It’s -14º today and so far so good for the two V2s we have installed out of doors on our property located on a peninsula in the upper Midwest.

By the time this cold snap lifts, I believe the V2s will have been tested through a week of sub-zero weather.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, I got a motion alert from one of the outdoor V2s. It’s -10º and there’s a bat flying around. We have bat houses installed on the grounds, but for some reason they like hanging from the house (guano problem)…apparently even in sub-zero weather.

I bought one just to test out our recent cold snap here in Minnesota. -34F the night I put it out, a high of -20 the following day, and a low last night again of about -34F. No issues whatsoever with it shutting off, freezing up, or any connectivity issues.

I should note that the camera is just sitting on the steel siding with the magnetic mount and has no other form of protection around it. I literally took the camera out of the box, set it up in the kitchen quick, and threw it outside on the siding.

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I have a camera mounted on my garage in one of those housings I bought from Amazon. Generally, it has been working well outside, but, it has not been flawless. I have found that when it goes below freezing, I sometimes (probably 20% of the time) have trouble getting the camera to play back its recordings. It might be an issue with the SD card. I have not had any problems when the temperature is above 40.

Right now, we are a little below freezing (29 degrees) and I just checked and the playback is working fine.

One of my v2 cameras is in my unheated detached garage. It is not in any enclosure, and has been working well since installing. We’ve had temperatures under -30C over winter, with more planned for next week.

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30 below f (ambient not windchill) and it worked perfectly.

-10°F here last week, I’ve had a v2 mounted under my eaves (protected from precipitation but not wind) for about 3 months. No issues so far.

Fantastic cam, I’m only holding off on buying more v2s because I want to see the outdoor version. Then I may repurpose a couple v2s and replace with outdoor versions.

No issues at all, Camera got down to -32 F (-55 F windchill)

I wish camera had some sort of temperature readout so I could tell what temperature the camera actually was, as I’m sure the electronics radiate some heat.

How have they held up to high temperatures outdoors? I live in Texas and it gets pretty hot during the summer.

I’ve had a WyzeCam mounted under an overhang outside since last Spring here in Central Iowa, and 2 more at our church, outside under an overhang, with NO outdoor housing. We hit 96 degrees F with high humidity last July and -21 degrees F record lows last week, and no problems at all with performance, recording to the SD card, etc.

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Currently the coldest day of the year so far here, with temperatures at -38C overnight. The v2 in the unheated and uninsulated garage is doing just fine.

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I haven’t experience a summer yet, They’ve been exposed cold weather (snow, wind, ice, & rain for the past 3mths. They’ve worked at -4° with wind chill of -32°. It’ll be interesting to see how they do with the hot humid summer weather hear in the Midwest, if they last that long. Pretty impressive so far, especially for the price.

I have 5 V2 & 1 Pan Cam all outdoors under eaves. The V2s are in mounts and the Pan Cam is hung upside down. All holes have been sealed with silicone including where the USB cable goes through the back of the mounts. In northern Illinois it has been down to 31° below zero and we’ve gone through two heavy ice storms this past month. All still working.

I have a V2 out in the middle of my yard totally exposed and the temp has been -20C, windy and snowing like crazy. It has worked very well. I’m very impressed. I do have to turn off motion detection in snow storms and expected to have to do so.

What are people doing to power the camera? Are you fishing the power cord through walls or what?

I extended a 110 circuit to a small outlet box to power them for outside and I bought longer cables for the cameras that are longer distances. Inside I bout the outlet mount to make the cable only a few inches.

Hi, thanks for your post! Great to hear of your success with the very cold temps while using your Wyzecam v2 outside with the outdoor housing from Amazon. Mounting under the eaves of house or shed is definitely the best way to go. Have you also added any silicone caulking around the cable port in the housing or any other type of supplemental protection from moisture? Do you mind sharing the link to the specific camera housing product from Amazon? I’ve seen several different similar products, but am interested in the one you had success with. Thanks very much!

I ran a 6 foot usb cable through a window’s weatherstripping, because I don’t trust the plug in mains usb adaptor outside.