Outdoor Cam Pan Alternative or Recommended Housing?

I am looking for fresh ideas on how to use a Cam Pam outdoors or for a value-priced alternative. I noticed most of the ideas are a year or more, old. Any new ideas?

I was hoping for a Wyze solution for outdoors, but now trying to find a backup plan.

The camera will be exposed to the eliminates at a lake cabin. Is there a good add-on housing or other solution that you would recommend? Thanks… Mark

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@mgprokosch Welcome to the community! I have two V2 Wyze cams outside in the outdoor housing covers. Amazon has several birdhouse type covers that work really well. My cameras have been outside for 9 months through rain, cold snowy days, and hot summer temperatures. And I haven’t had a single issue with them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make sure you understand using these cams outdoors voids the warranty.

I’m very happy with mine and you can’t beat them for the price and quality of these cams.

On a positive note, Wyze does have an outdoor camera currently in testing and will be available in the near future.

Here are some outdoor covers on Amazon that work nicely.

Weather-Resistant Birdhouse Cover for Wyze Cam v2 Camera (White, 1 Pack) Amazon.com

Weather-Resistant Silicone Birdhouse Cover for Wyze Cam Pan Camera (Black, 1 Pack) Amazon.com

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I had luck with this but added a piece of clear plastic in front of the lens to help protect it.

Mrount Wyze Camera Wall Mount Bracket, Protective Cover with Security Wall Mount for Wyze Cam V2 V1 and Ismart Spot Camera Indoor Outdoor Use by (Black, 1 Pack)


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@rod2500 Does the clear plastic piece you added interfere with the IR lights at night?

Hello rod2500
You may find the following interesting: The birdhouse or enclosure type of camera holders can be more functional when augmented with a paddleboard. This is a carryover from my analog camera days.

Paddleboards can enhance location options for the swivel base mounts, allowing for a greater range of vertical location and utilization of all mounting screws. The paddle also provides some back of camera shielding.

Victor Maletic

Thank you for the inspiration. I was looking for some ideas on how to hook up my Pan V2 under the eave.

Hello all and @altaid
altaid you may be interested in using notched corks for wire control and bug exclusion as shown in the first two pictures in post #5. The cork can last undreds of years, They are easy to install. And can be remove by wiggling outward on the cords, They don’t attract much notice when painted to match.

The following 6 pictures from an old post of mine go into some detail: